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Shamans and Facilitators

Most Reviewed Shamans and Facilitators from around the World

  • Hermanosis


    "We are all Hermanosis" is an Association for Human Development based in Madrid, a proposal founded by Claudio Kutzwor, Nacho Cano (Nak) and Esteban Kutzwor, which together and through seeking spiritual values promote and enhance connectivity, development and meeting projects of all dimensions of personal and community existence through spiritual, p Read more [...]

  • Don Jose Campos


    On September 24, 1961 in a poor little village in Peru, about 100 miles south of the border with Ecuador, José Mercedes Campos Campos was born. It was inCujillo, in the District in Cajamarca, with a population of only a few dozen people. His mother, Francisca Campos Sempertigue gave him his last name because his Read more [...]

  • Fidel Andi


    León Fidel Andy Grefa Fidel Andy was born in 1966 on the river island La Soga in the outskirts of Tena, Ecuador, where he still lives and practices. He began his training with both his grandfathers at the age of six, learning about healing energies and medicinal plants. Soon he was introduced to tobacco infusions, Read more [...]

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    I was lucky enough to participate in a 10 day retreat at Pisatahua. The location was spectacular an... Read more

  • dy reviewed Pisatahua
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    We took part in a retreat at the Pisatahua retreat in the jungle and fell in love with the place. Th... Read more

  • Francesca reviewed Pisatahua
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    I have followed one of the ceremonies and it has been an incredible experience. The shaman made my e... Read more


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Knowledge Base

Plants Guide

Read about the History of the teacher plants as well of uses of these plants. Learn more about the Legal and Scientific aspects of Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote, San Pedro and Mushrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people recommend you do not eat meat or spices, drink alcohols or take drugs well in advance of taking part of a healing ceremony. We recommend you to always check thoroughly with your shaman when it comes to dieting when working with the different plants.
It is always recommended to bring a friend with you to a retreat or a ceremony.
You should always check with your doctor, shaman and/or retreat center, since entheogens can interfere with your medications. Please note that some shamans are not familiar with western medications, which is why you should always double check by doing your own research or seek advice from your doctor.

You can also seek more guidance at the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research and Service (ICEERS) Support Service here.

Healing with entheogens is clearly not for everyone. The experience can be very intense and overwhelming. Still the power of these teacher plants can help your body, mind and spirit heal in profound ways. If you are in any doubt as to whether this experience is for you, we advise you to contact the retreat center that you find best suited for you needs.

Health and Safety Guide

Read our Health and Safety Guide to learn more about the important precautions you need to have in mind, when dealing with these plants.