About Us

We are pleased to tell you more about us and about our work.

We're constantly working on creating a larger focus on our 4 values:

    • Knowledge
    • Safety
    • Sustainability
    • Transparency

We hope that this site can help create overall transparency within the field of the work with the teacher plants. This site is build for everyone who has an interest in Ayahuasca, Iboga, Mushrooms, Peyote, San Pedro and more. We wish to form one big loving community, where people can help guide each other by sharing information and viewpoints. Please share your knowledge by providing us with a review of a Shaman or Retreat Center you have been at, or join a discussion in our forum.

Thank you! ♥

Our Mission and Vision

Openmindtrips.com is the first online platform of its kind and seeks to be strongest connecting link between shamans/retreat centers and travelers from around the world.

We seek to create more transparency over all, when it comes to working with the teacher plants. We will put emphasis on making important information about each shamans and/or retreat center available to all, and in this way create transparency around safety and sustainability. In this way we will seek to prevent abuse of both the plants and its seekers.

Our goal at openmindtrips.com is to become the first and biggest online platform which connects of shamans and nature with people from around the world. We want to offer an accessible and reliable way to find a place to experience the healing of teacher plants such as Ayahuasca, Huachuma San Pedro Cactus and more. We wish to help spread the message of love throughout the world with help from the plant teachers combined with shamanic guidance. We believe that the powerful medicine of the plants shows us a way to heal and understand thus creating an open mind, which can help us create more harmony in the world, and balance in life. Therefore we give thanks to our loving guides who appear as shamans/facilitators and plants.

May each we find our own way to be awakened in this life ♥

We want to work for the benefit, and not for the profit. Our way of giving back to the teacher plants, to the communities and to mother nature is to create a focus on the healing power of the teacher plants. Through our website and with the help of technology and highly dedicated people, we wish to show the world the healing benefits plants such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Iboga and Peyote can offer us. We believe that when more people are aware of the help and love we can get from these plants, more people would want get in contact with a trustworthy shaman/facilitator, in the safe and comfortable circumstances which a shaman/facilitator or a retreat center can provide. This is where openmindtrips.com steps in to work as a guiding tool to find your best path towards healing with entheogens.

Our vision is to be the connecting link between Shamans/Retreat Centers and people seeking the teacher plants. We wish to be the best review and booking portal for people seeking healing with the teacher plants (entheogens) such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, San Pedro, Peyote and more. We wish to create a focus on Knowledge, Safety, Sustainability and Transparency when working with the plants, and to further improve the overall work with these plants. We believe that we through our work can create a positive change in this world with the help of these beautiful plants.


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