Ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis caapi

Ayahuasca Recipe and Information

Ayahuasca - the vine of the soul

Ayahuasca is a mixture of different botanical species originating from the Amazon region. For more
than centuries, the indigenous populations in South America have utilized this botanical mixture in
their rituals for healing and divination.

Each tribe and shaman had and still have their own ayahuasca recipe for preparing ayahuasca.
Today, Ayahuasca is used in many parts of the world for religious, therapeutic and personal
growth purposes and the ayahuasca recipe is mainly consistent of the Ayahuasca vine,
Banisteriopsis caapi, and the Chacruna leaves, Psychotria viridis. Read more about Ayahuasca
here and read our guide on how to prepare yourself for your next Ayahuasca Experience.

ayahuasca recipe


The name ‘Ayahuasca’ (Banisteriopsis caapi) comes from the Quechua language, meaning ‘vine of the souls’. Ayahuasca has been used ritually for thousands of years by the people in the South American Amazon to enter altered states of consciousness, such as for prophecy, divination, telepathy, shape-shifting, cleansing, diagnosis of an illness, and for healing.

For millenaries the human species have developed a relationship with plants capable of altering body and mind. The people of the world have developed a harmonic relationship with different species of plants, and frequently they have had a great influence in the human and cultural development of many societies and civilizations. The use of Ayahuasca originates from the Amazon region in South America, in countries including Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador.

For centuries, indigenous peoples have utilized this botanical mixture in their rituals for healing or divination, as well as other activities such as witchcraft and warfare. It is known that at least one of the plants used in the ayahuasca preparation has been used for millennia. The Ayahuasca plant, known by the botanical name Banisteriopsis caapi, is a vine that grows in the entire Amazon and has been used by numerous cultures for its emetic effects and other somatic symptoms. The main botanical species this plant is combined with are the bush Psychotria viridis (Chacruna) and Diplopterys cabrerana (Chacropanga), though many admixtures are used in traditional recipes, such as tobacco, varieties of Brugmansia, Brunfelsia, etc.


Ayahuasca is a psychedelic brew made of the vine, containing harmala alkaloids, mixed with the leaves of the Chakruna plant (Psychotria viridis) containing dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

The DMT in the Chakruna leaves are what gives the visions during the healing, but without the vine, we would not be able to experience the DMT.Humans, as well as plants, contain DMT, which is released when we are born and when we die, though we are not experiencing the DMT in our daily lives. The reason for that is that the DMT is oxidised in our bodies by monoamine oxidase enzymes in our digestive tract, thus making it inactive.

When we drink the vine, the harmala alkaloids, also known as monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), make the DMT cross the blood barriers to activate the receptor sites in our brain, making us experience the effect of the DMT - known as the spirit molecule.

Ayahuasca recipe and preparation

The are several different ways of preparing Ayahuasca. The most common Ayauasca recipe is made of the Ayahuasca Vine and Chacruna leaves. Some shamans and facilitators also add other types of plants, such as e.g. Huambisa, Toé etc. To ensure your own safety as best as possible, we recommend you to always ask the shaman/facilitator about the content of the brew. Please not that some shamans and facilitators do not wish to give information about the content due to their traditions and culture. We recommend you to ask them anyway, since it is important to know what you ingest.

The most common Ayahuasca recipe is prepared by pounding and scraping the stems of the vine and then mixed together with the leaves of the Chakruna and boiled in water for several hours. Some shamans bless and sing to the brew while making it, and putting their intention in the brew.

Please note that we do not in any way recommend or encourage you to brew your own Ayahuasca! Read more  in our disclaimer.


Ayahuasca has strong anthelmintic effects (it kills parasites in your body). It takes about forty five minutes to one hour to feel the effect of the mother vine, and you can expect for the effects to last for four to five hours.


Ayahuasca is said to have cured people suffering from addictions, depression, emotional trauma as well as several physical conditions.

Experience Ayahuasca

Find an Ayahuasca Ceremony or Retreat

Drinking Ayahuasca is only legal in specific parts of the world. To help you find
a place where you can experience an Ayahuasca experience we have listed places
and people who organize Ayahuasca Ceremonies and Retreats from around the
world. Please remember that plant experiences are not risk free, and it is
important that you take responsibility for your own safety. We recommend you
to do as much research as possible to make sure that you find a place or person
that matches your needs and values. Visit our guide about how to get started
with preparing for your plant experience.

ayahuasca recipe