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Event Category: Kâmbo/Toad VenomEvent Tags: 5meodmt, Bufo, godmolecule, meditation, samadhi, sapo, toad, vedanta, and yoga

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  • Come join Yogis and entheogenic guides Corey Chase, Mary Brierre, and Joël Brierre on a 6 day/5 night retreat in Jamaica’s lush and beautiful Port Antonio. Shatter your own perceived limitations through an experiential and immersive dive into the depths of consciousness using the eight limbs of yoga in conjunction with the medicine of the Bufo Alvarius toad. What better a place to lose one’s self and to be reborn than right in the heart of the Caribbean!


    Taking a look around the world these days, it seems as if it is going a bit mad. We're all getting so wrapped up in our stories that we are forgetting our connection to Divine Source. We, as a collective, have forgotten how find stillness and to allow. We grasp for control and unknowingly place barriers in our way all because we are unable to transcend our past, our trauma, and remember our true nature as boundless and infinite consciousness. There is no magic pill to enlightenment, neither psychedelics nor Yoga are going to give you all the answers. These are simply tools. The medicine allows us to experience full, unadulterated, boundless existence as the self is completely dissolved into the light of the infinite while Yogic practice and philosophy is used as a tool to integrate this experience into one’s daily life. If one does not integrate the experience, it simply becomes something that fades like a dream.

    Samadhi is a state of being which no western explanation does justice. When the mind is stilled and quieted, one is able to tune their awareness to encompass more than their individually perceived experience. As one’s awareness begins to leave the egoic self, we realize the totality of infinite consciousness. When we merge in union with this infinite state of being, this is Samadhi. The word Yoga means “union”—union with the infinite. The practice of Yoga is an eight limbed path of an introspective nature, allowing us to understand our own individual consciousness and rid ourselves of patterns and habits that hold us back from experiencing our true state of truth, consciousness, and bliss (Satchidananda). As the experience of 5-MeO is an experience of Samadhi, we will use the integrative system of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to map out these states and bring this knowledge and understanding into our daily lives.

    Participants will enjoy sumptuous food and lodging with a short walk to the beach which is a beautiful and private cove. Caribbean-style vegetarian meals, morning asana practice, waterfall adventures, sessions with the Toad medicine, integration circles, and nightly satsang which will include Vedantic philosophy, pranayama, meditation and guided relaxation will all be part of your involvement. You will be in a safe space with competent facilitators/instructors who are experienced serving this medicine, as well as creating a safe container for spiritual emergence.


  • Are YOU coming this October??Samadhi Retreat; Port Antonio, JAYogic practice and philosophy with plant/earth medicine and integration. October 24-29www.itsallsource.com

    Slået op af Joël Karamdeep Singh BrierreLørdag den 6. juli 2019


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