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Event Category: Kâmbo/Toad Venom


    This heart-opening 7 day Sacred Mythic Journey takes you on a voyage to the Siberian Lake of Baikal. Natural water reservoirs of the Earth have always attracted people displaying natures harmony. Our planet has many lakes considered to be its splendid embellishment. Baikal lake is a unique pearl from that necklace. Holy Sea, Sacred Lake, and Spiritual Waters are names that have been given to Baikal by its ancient native dwellers, by Russians who came to Baikal’s coast in the seventeenth century, and by foreign travelers who worshiped its magnificence and mystical beauty.


    The shaman has served as healer and diviner in Siberia for centuries. During the Soviet age of “science and reason” the mystical figures were harshly repressed, but today in isolated regions of Siberia the shaman is once more regaining importance as the mediator between the spirit worlds above, the underworld below, and this world of ours.


    The grandeur of the lake is revealed even in its statistics: 636 km (nearly 400 miles) in length and up to 79 km in width, it is the fifth largest lake in the world in terms of area. It can not be compared with anything and nothing can be compared with it. Everything here on Baikal makes a deep impression on our imagination and boggles the mind. Its age is 20 million years, its crystal mirror-like surface extends to 31,171 sq. km., its maximum depth reaches 1637 meters (1.2 miles), making it the deepest lake in the world. So vast is the lake that it was referred to as “an inland sea -‘Ye glorious sea, ye sacred Baikal’ goes an old Siberian folksong…” Baikal is so transparent that a white disk can be seen down to a depth of 40 meters. In spring the lake is so strikingly blue that no one can divert their eyes from it.


    Shamanism is one of the world´s most ancient religions. Central and northern Asia have been a Shamanistic land from times immemorial. The Buryats, the indigenous people of the Baikal area, have lived in this area and practiced the religion for thousands of years. Although the rites and rituals are centuries old, the Buryats from Lake Baikal still visit shamans to solve their health problems and major life issues. The Island of Olkhon on Lake Baikal, which is the main travel destination of our journey, is traditionally considered to be one of the few strongholds of Shamanism in Siberia.


    The mysterious rocks, caves and burial mounds: Lake Baikal definitely has places where you can touch the mystery of the Lake and experience its great ancient power. Baikal has many places of natural origin which are associated with the faith of the local population in shamanic spirits, for shamanism is a huge part of the local culture. One of the most important sacred places of Baikal is the mysterious Shaman Stone. Shaman Stone is a rock which stands at the source of the Angara River and rises above the water by 1-1. 5 m in case of good weather. However, a real rock mass is hidden under the water, thanks to this fact the Angara River does not freeze in winter. Locals will surely tell you the legend about the way Shaman Stone appeared at this place:


    In ancient times Shaman Stone was attributed a miraculous power. According to a legend, the Master of Angara lived here – the Buryat God Ama Sagaan noiona. Shamans carried out important rites here, prayed and gave oaths. Another cruel custom is associated with this very place: criminals were tied to the stone and left for a night, if they managed to survive, the sentenced persons received forgiveness; but if Baikal waters washed the criminals away, then they were acknowledged really guilty and the great Lake punished them.


    Undoubtedly the world’s greatest railway journey, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs like a steel ribbon across mysterious Russia connecting east and west from Moscow over the Urals, across the magnificent and endless steppe and alongside the shore of the world’s largest freshwater lake.

    What’s Included:

    -Comfortable accommodations throughout the journey
    -All in-country local ground transportation
    -Healthy and balanced fresh food diet, juices and herbal teas
    -Welcome celebration meal and farewell meal
    -Local national park entrance fees
    -Transformational workshops and/or ceremonies
    -Inspirational facilitators, guides and shamans
    -Private one-on-one consultations (if requested)
    -15% of your total contribution goes towards supporting local indigenous communities

    What’s NOT Included:

    -International and in-country domestic flights
    -Personal travel and medical insurance (optional)
    -Essential kit list items
    -Tourist visas
    -Private taxi to/from local airport before and after the journey
    -Extra personal expenses (e.g. Snacks & drinks in-between meals, clothes washing)

    Terms & Conditions

    -Cancellations made more than 2 months from the journey start date will be fully refunded but excluding a 50% cancellation fee.
    -Cancellations made within 2 months of the journey start date are fully non-refundable.


    Full Moon of the 13th October – Last Quarter Moon of the 19th October 2019
    Last Quarter Moon of the 12th October – New Moon of the 18th October 2020
    First Quarter Moon of the 14th October – Full Moon of the 20th October 2021

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