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    Iboga is the most effective addiction treatment known to mankind, as well as an ancient physical and spiritual healing herb.Good quality iboga available for you with optimal potency,we believe that Iboga is a God sent plant to mankind,to help treat ADDICTIONS regardless the unjust banned on the use of the plant by some countries.
    We at Jervis Ghong Iboga ltd,we want to promote the use of the plant,in all forms because dealing with a substance addiction, whether it is you or a loved one, can be a terrible ordeal that puts a tremendous strain on you physically and mentally.
    Ibogaine is a new therapy for chemical dependence that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior. It is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker. It helps in breaking both drug and alcohol addictions.
    our products
    Iboga root barks
    Iboga Powder
    Iboga TA
    Iboga Capsules
    Ibogaine HCL
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    Skype..Jarvis Iboga

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