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    Those helper spirits that people interact with under the influence of Ayahuasca have their own agendas which might seem good on the surface but in actuality they have ulterior motives. Here is a rather interesting excerpt from Zhuan Falun that talks about these spirits and their true natures:

    “A lot of us in the cultivation world might have heard of stories about animals, like maybe foxes, weasels, ghosts, or snakes, taking possession of human bodies. And what are these things all about? Some people say that practicing qigong develops supernatural abilities, but the truth is, it’s not that it develops supernatural abilities—those “supernatural abilities” are just a person’s innate abilities.

    It’s just that as society moves forward, people pay more and more attention to the visible things in this material dimension of ours, and they come to rely more and more on our sophisticated tools. So our human innate abilities have steadily atrophied, and now it’s come to the point where they’ve totally vanished.

    If someone wants to have abilities, he has to go through cultivation, return to his original, true self, and bring them out through cultivation. But animals, on the other hand, they don’t have complicated thoughts like people do, and so they’re connected to the nature of the universe and do have their inborn, innate abilities. Some people say that animals know how to cultivate, that foxes know how to make elixir, that snakes and suchand- such animals know how to cultivate, and so on. It’s not that they know how to cultivate.

    At the start they didn’t know a thing about cultivating—it’s only that they had those innate abilities. So under certain conditions, in certain environments, and after a long time their innate abilities might take effect, and they’ll be able to get gong, and have abilities come out.

    Now that things have gone this way, that animal gets some special abilities. At one time we would have said they’d “acquired subtle powers” or “gained special abilities.” A lot of people seem to think animals are just incredibly fierce and that they can control people easily. Actually, I’d say they aren’t fierce—they’re nothing before a true cultivator.

    Big deal if they’ve cultivated almost 1,000 years, a pinky is more than enough to crush them. So now that we know animals have innate abilities and can have some special abilities, there’s another law in this universe of ours: animals aren’t allowed to succeed in cultivation.

    That’s why you’ve read in ancient books that they’re killed once every several hundred years in large catastrophes or small calamities. When an animal’s gong grows to a certain level after some time, it’ll be destroyed, struck by a thunderbolt, or something else will happen to stop it from cultivating. That’s because they don’t have the essential nature that humans have, and they aren’t able to cultivate like humans do.

    It’s guaranteed they’d be demons if they succeeded in cultivation since they don’t have human traits. So they aren’t allowed to succeed in cultivation, and that’s why they’re slain by Heaven. They too know that. But like I said, the world is sliding downhill bigtime, and there’s no evil some people won’t do. When it’s hit this point, isn’t the world in danger?

    “When something reaches the extreme it reverses”! We’ve discovered that every time the world was destroyed in the different cycles of prehistoric ages, it was always when the human race’s morals were terribly degenerate. Right now the dimension where we human beings exist and a lot of other dimensions are in great danger.

    And the same goes for other dimensions at this level. The beings there, too, want to leave as quickly as possible, they want to climb up to higher levels. They think that by going up to higher levels they can escape. But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it? If you want to cultivate you have to have a human body, and that’s one reason we’re seeing qigong practitioners get possessed.

    Maybe some of you are thinking, “How come all those Great Enlightened Beings and all those powerful masters aren’t doing anything about it?” In our universe there’s another law: if it’s about something you’re seeking or just want, nobody can stop you. Here we’re teaching you to take the right path, and along with that, we’re teaching you the Law inside and out and encouraging you to have your own understanding of it, but it’s still up to you whether you decide to learn it. “The master leads you through the door, but cultivation is up to you.” Nobody’s going to push you to cultivate. It’s up to you whether you cultivate. Or to put it another way, when you choose your own path, when you decide what you want, or when you’re trying to get something—nobody will stop you. They can only try to kindly persuade you.

    You see some people doing qigong exercises there, but it’s actually the possessing spirit that gets it all. How did they attract possessing spirits? Just consider all the people around the country who practice qigong, do you know how many of them have possessing spirits on their backs? If I told you, a lot of people wouldn’t dare to do qigong.

    The number is scary! So what would bring something like that about? Those things are really wrecking the ordinary world. So how did something so serious come about? It’s people’s own doing. Because mankind is going bad, demons are everywhere. The worst is those fake qigong masters, they all have possessing spirits on their bodies, and when they pass on their practices they’re transmitting that stuff.

    Never in history were animals allowed to get on human bodies, and if they did they’d be killed—whoever saw it wouldn’t stand for it. But would you believe, in today’s world some people pray to them, they want them, and they make offerings to them. Some people won’t be too happy to hear this—“But that isn’t what I asked for!” You didn’t ask for it, but you asked for abilities, and would the Enlightened Beings of a true cultivation give them to you?

    Asking for those kinds of things is an attachment that ordinary people have, and that kind of desire has to go. Then who do you think would give them to you? Only demons and different kinds of animals that are in other dimensions. Isn’t what you did just like asking them for those things? So they came right over.

    How many people are there who have proper thoughts when they do qigong exercises? When a person practices qigong he has to take virtue seriously, do good things for others, and be kind—he should discipline himself this way in every action and in every circumstance. Take all the people doing qigong exercises in the parks and all the ones doing them at home, and how many do you have thinking that way?

    To be honest, when some people are doing their qigong, who knows what they’re doing, they’ll be exercising away, swinging their bodies all around, and at the same time going off about things—“Ugh! That daughter-in-law of mine has no respect for me,” “My mother-in-law is such a wretch!”

    Some people even go on and on, from talking about things at their company right on to headline news—there’s nothing they don’t babble about, and thethings they don’t agree with will blow their fuse. Tell me, is that doing cultivation exercises? And then there are people doing a standing exercise right there, getting so tired their legs shake, but his mind isn’t at rest, “Things are so expensive these days. Prices have gone up, and my company can’t make the payroll. Why can’t my practice bring out some abilities?

    If I got some abilities I’d be a qigong master, and I’d get rich—I could make money by giving people treatments.” Once he sees that other people’s abilities have come out he gets even more agitated. He gets obsessed with getting abilities, with getting the Third Eye, and with getting healing skills. Now think about it, isn’t that about as far as you can get from the nature of our universe, to be True, Good, and Endure?! He’s simply turning his back on it. To put it a little more seriously, he’s practicing in an evil way! But he isn’t aware of it.

    The more he thinks like that, the worse the thoughts are that his mind emits. That kind of person doesn’t have a handle on it, he doesn’t know he should take virtue seriously, and he thinks that by doing those movements he can get gong, and that he can get whatever he wants by seeking after it—he thinks that’s how it is.

    A person attracts bad things precisely because his thoughts aren’t proper. Then the animal sees it, “This guy wants to get rich off qigong, and that guy wants to get famous and get abilities. Boy, his body is pretty good and what he has is pretty good. But his mind is really bad—he’s after abilities! Maybe he has a master, but even if he does, I’m not afraid.” It knows that the master of a true cultivation will see him seeking abilities like that, and the harder he seeks after them the less likely the master will give him them, since that’s exactly an attachment he should get rid of.

    The more he thinks that way, the less the chance he’ll be given any abilities, so basically the more oblivious he is to how it works, the more he wants them and the worse his thoughts get. Finally that master gives a deep sigh when he sees that this guy is finished, and he won’t have anything more to do with him. Some people don’t have masters, and maybe somebody who happens to pass by will look after them for a while, since there are so many Enlightened Beings in different dimensions.

    An Enlightened Being might take a look at him, watch him and follow him for a day, and leave him after he sees that he’s not good. The next day another one comes by, takes a look at him, finds out he’s no good, and off he goes.

    The animal knows that whatever kind of master he has, be it a regular one or a passing-by one, his master won’t give him what he’s seeking. Animals can’t see the dimensions where Great Enlightened Beings are, so they aren’t afraid, and they’ve taken advantage of a loophole: our universe has a law, that when somebody wants to seek something, or wants something, normally he shouldn’t be stopped.

    It takes advantage of that loophole—“He wants them, then I’ll give him them. It’s not wrong for me to help him, right?” So it gives them to him. At first the animal doesn’t dare get on his body, so it starts by giving him a little gong as a test-run. The person keeps seeking it, and one day he really gets it, and he can even heal people.

    The animal sees that it’s worked pretty well, and it’s just like playing a prelude before the show really starts. “He wants them, so I’ll get right on his body. And once I’m there I can give him more, I’ll pour it on!” “You want the Third Eye, right? This time I’ll give you it all.” So it gets right on him.

    While he’s having that thought about wanting it, right there doing that, his Third Eye pops open, he’s able to send out gong, and he’s even got a few little abilities. He’s beside himself with joy, and he thinks that he’s sought and sought these things and finally got them, and he thinks they came from his practice. But actually, his practice didn’t bring him anything. He thinks that he can see through a human body and see where the problems are in someone’s body.

    In reality, though, his Third Eye isn’t open one bit—it’s that the animal is controlling his brain. That animal sees things with its eyes and then reflects what it sees into his brain, and he thinks his Third Eye is open. “Want to send out gong? Go for it.” When he holds out his hands to send out gong, the animal’s little paws extend out from behind his body. When he sends out gong, the forked tongue from the little snake’s head comes out to lick the sick or swollen area.

    There are a lot of things like this. Those spirits that possess these people come only because they asked for them. So he seeks after them, he dreams about getting rich, and about getting famous.

    “Okay then!”—he gets abilities, he can heal people, and he can see with his Third Eye. That makes him happy. The animal takes a look, “You want to get rich, don’t you? Okay, I’ll make you get rich.” It’s way too easy to control an ordinary person’s head. The animal can control a lot of people and make them come to him for treatments, and they’ll come in droves. Oh my goodness!—while he sees patients right here, it’s stirring up reporters over there to promote him in newspapers.

    It manipulates ordinary people to do these things. When someone who comes for a treatment doesn’t pay him enough, he won’t let them off the hook, and he’ll make you have a headache. What it comes down to is that you just have to give him a lot of money. The guy pulls in both fame and wealth — he’s made a bundle, he’s become well-known, and now he’s a qigong master.

    People like him usually don’t care about character and they’ll dare to say anything, “I’m second to none but Heaven.” They go as far as saying they’re the reincarnations of well-known deities, like the Queen Mother or Jade Emperor, and they even go as far as saying they’re Buddhas.

    They haven’t really gone through character cultivation, so they seek abilities when they do their exercises and end up getting possessed by animals. Maybe some of you are thinking, “What’s wrong with that? It’s okay as long as I can make money, or get rich, and I can get famous.” That’s what a lot of people are thinking. But I’ll tell you, that animal isn’t doing it without a purpose, it turns out, and it doesn’t give you something for nothing. There’s a law in this universe: no loss, no gain. What does the animal get? I talked about this earlier, didn’t I?

    It’s trying to get that bit of essence in your body to cultivate into a human form, so it just gathers the essence from the human body. But there’s only this one share of essence in a human body, and if somebody wants to cultivate, he only has this one share. And if you let the animal take it from you, you can forget about cultivating—how would you cultivate then?

    You’ll have lost everything, and you won’t be able to cultivate at all. Maybe some people will say, “I don’t want to cultivate. I just want to get rich. All’s well as long as I have money. I couldn’t care less!” Look, I’ll tell you: you want to get rich, but after I explain how it really works, then you’ll change your mind. So what happens? If it leaves your body not too late your limbs will feel like lead, and you’ll be like that for good, because it drained you of too much of your essence. But if it leaves your body late, you will become a vegetable and lie in bed for the rest of your life hanging on by a thread.

    Even if you had money, would you be able to spend it? Even if you had fame, would you be able to enjoy it? Wouldn’t it be horrible? These things have become really serious and they’re common among people who practice qigong these days. The animal doesn’t just possess the body, it also kills the person’s master soul, and it burrows into the person’s Niwan Palace and squats there.

    The person looks like a human being, but he’s not. You even see things like that nowadays. Mankind’s morals have changed, so when some people do bad things, and you tell them they’re doing bad things, they just don’t believe you. They think that making money, wanting money, and getting rich are their birthright, and that these are the right thing to do. So they harm other people, they hurt others, and they’ll stop at nothing to make money—they’ll do anything!

    The animal won’t gain if it doesn’t lose. Would it give you something for nothing? It wants to get the things that are in your body. Of course, we’d say that people invite all those troubles just because that idea they have isn’t right, and their thoughts aren’t proper.

    Let’s see what our Falun Dafa has to say about this. When you cultivate in our discipline, as long as you can always keep up your character, “one good can overcome a hundred evils”—you won’t run into any trouble. On the other hand, if you can’t keep up your character well, if you seek after all sorts of things, you’re sure to invite trouble.

    Some people just can’t let go of the things they used to practice. We all know that you have to commit to one discipline when you do qigong—in true cultivation you just have to. Some qigong masters have written books, but so what. You know what, their books are such a mess they’re like those things they practice—snakes, foxes, and weasels, they’re all in there. When you read those books that stuff will jump out from the words. I have to tell you, those fake qigong masters outnumber true qigong masters by a lot, and you can’t tell who’s who. So you have to know what you’re doing. It’s not like I won’t settle for anything but your cultivating in my Falun Dafa. Actually, you can cultivate in the discipline of your choice.

    But there’s an ancient saying, “No true teachings for thousands of years, better than wild heresy for one day.” So you really have to know what you’re doing, and really cultivate a true teaching. Don’t mix anything into your cultivation—don’t even add thoughts. Some people’s Law Wheels have gotten all out of shape. Why is that? They get defensive, “But I didn’t practice that other qigong.”

    But whenever they do the exercises, their thoughts just keep pumping in the things they practiced before—wouldn’t that add it in? That’s all I want to say about spirit possession.”

    Full book can be downloaded here:

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