Plant Experiences are not risk free!

There are many things to consider when deciding to engage in a plant experience with psychedelic plants such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote, Psilocybin Mushrooms, San Pedro Cactus and more. You therefore need to prepare yourself as best as possible.

Quite a few organizations and people have worked on establishing some guidelines, which focusses on harm reduction and education. We have therefore build this beginners guide which provides you with a basic overview of what to be aware of and where to find relevant information. This guide is meant to help you become aware of what to have in mind when deciding where to have your plant experience and with whom.

Please remember to take responsibility for yourself!


Step 1 - Choose the Plant

The first step towards having a plant experience is to find out which plant you wish
to experience. If you already know which one you want, then go ahead and scroll down
to step 2. If you haven't decided yet, then keep reading!

First of all you need to figure out which kind of experience you are looking for. Maybe you have
heard about a specific plant and wish to learn more about it, or maybe you're just open to  it all.
What ever the case is, you need to read more about the plants to find out what it is that you seek.

We have therefore provided you with a Plant Guide, which offers basic information about the
different plants and their effects. You can choose to read about a specific plant or read about them
all one by one.

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If you wish to dig deeper into these lovely plants and their effects, please follow these links where
you can find great, relevant and elaborated information about the different plants:

Erowid - about entheogenic plants:
About Ayahuasca:
About San Pedro and Peyote:

step 2

Step 2 - Educate yourself!

There has unfortunately been reported incidents, where seekers of these plants have
ended up in circumstances and situations involving misuse, abuse, robberies and deaths.
This is very unfortunate for everyone. We hope to be able to create the Transparency
needed to minimize these incidents in the future, and to help you ensure your own
safety as best as possible.

The second and most important step on your path of finding out where to have your plant
experience and with whom is to educate yourself with the knowledge needed to determine
which place and/or shaman/facilitator matches your needs and values. Each has their own way
of working with the plants, and you need to know what to look for in order to know whether
you've found it.

Guidelines and information:

The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education and Research Service has created
a guideline on what to be aware of, which we highly encourage you to read and to let guide
you in your 
search for this experience if you feel like they apply to your own standards, moral
and ethic.

We also encourage you to read the Code of Ethics provided by Plantaforma, and the
Ayahuasca Manifesto for those looking for Ayahuasca experiences. All of the mentioned ethics
practices can be applied to all plant experiences, no matter which plant you are interested
in experiencing. 

Please note that if you are looking for a treatment for a specific condition,
such as e.g. addiction, it is especially important that you make sure to find the relevant
information about any precautions etc.


Step 3 - Find your match

Now that you know which plant experience you are interested, and you know what
kind of information to look you are ready for step 3 - finding a match!

We have gathered, organized and listed relevant information about the people
and places who offer plant experience sessions, retreats and ceremonies
to help you find what you seek.

You can search for specific locations to find a place or person near you, or you can
even search for a specific location you wish to travel to. 
You can also search for
a specific date to find an session, ceremony, retreat or other plant related event,
or choose a place or person based on ratings and reviews from other people.

Please note that we do not recommend that you base your decision solely from reading
the reviews here. A good review does not necessarily ensure that you will experience
exactly the same once you are there. Back it up with further information from our forum,
the forum on, Facebook pages and other relevant sites.

Make sure to contact the center, shaman or facilitator to have them verify the information
you are looking for. Just as in any other situation we can not fully know if the
verified information is in fact the truth, yet going through these steps can help reduce
the risks of ending up in a harmful or dangerous situation. Always follow your instinct
and seek advice as explained in our disclaimer.


To find a plant experience in a specific location you can use our Map from our front page.
Choose between searching for e.g. a retreat center or shaman/facilitator in the bottom
of the map, and press on the location on the map.

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The pins on the map shows which plants the center or person works with. Please
note that most places and persons work with more than one plant, so if you are
looking for an experience with e.g. San Pedro and you only see an Ayahuasca pin
on the location in the map, we still advice you to press the listing to read more
about what they offer.


You can use our calendar to search for a ceremony, retreat or other related plant events
around the World. Just press the date you wish to see events for. 

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Rating, Reviews or other sorting options:

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