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More Info
  • The Vine Centre was founded in 2004. Located on the coast of Bahia, Brazil in the richly diverse Atlantic forest, our center is focused on spiritual development. Our facilitators are experienced and dedicated in the support of participants with loving care, attention, safety and respect. TheVine Center is “The Ayahuasca House”, created to host spiritual retreats where people from all over the world can come and meet others interested in reconnecting with the higher self and spiritual development, working with a variety of meditations, regressions, art, yoga, talks about ayahuasca and ceremonies.

    Information about the location:

    The centre is located in the richly diverse Mata-Atlantic forest on the east coast of Brazil in the state of Bahia. This region was chosen due to the natural beauty of the landscape, astonishing beaches, good accessibility, spirited local culture and the abundance of natural foods. An ideal setting for a safe and profound experience. The center includes facilities that are purpose built for ayahuasca retreats and include a beautiful ceremonial temple within the jungle, and extensive landscaped gardens that enchant the senses and invoke the imagination. Nature is ever present and the spaces are comfortable and safe with modern amenities designed for beauty, function and comfort.

  • Offers

    Other offers:

    During the ayahuasca retreats we run meditation, yoga and art workshops. Depending upon the retreat you choose, some of the following workshops will be included:
    - Realigning with your Higher Self
    - Meeting your Inner Child
    - Introduction to Shamanic Sacred Plants
    - Past life Regression
    - Future life progression
    - Childhood Regression
    - Group Work
    - Visionary Art Explorations
    - Yoga sessions
    - Out of Body Yoga
    - Guided meditations
    - Hemi-sync mind machine relaxation
    - Interactive biofeedback “Wild Divine”
    - Documentaries and Multimedia Presentations

    Medicine information (content and method of preparation)

    Type of Medicine: Ayahuasca
    Medicine content :


    Medicine preparation:


    Ceremony details

    Place of ceremony: The ceremonies are held in our purpose built temple and participants form a sacred circle that is maintained for the duration of ceremony.

    Accomodation details

    Type of Accomodation:
    • Private
    • Shared
    • Fullboard
    More about the accomodation and food:

    Nestled in lush tropical landscaped gardens, The Vine Center has numerous spacious and comfortable bungalows. Each bungalow has a panoramic view to the jungle and are surrounded by flowered gardens. You can enjoy sitting on the balconies, or relaxing in a hammock. Each bungalow has a private bathroom with hot shower, sofas, hammocks, 2 single beds or Queen size bed (for couples), mosquito nets, ceiling fan and are serviced daily by our staff. We also have one air conditioned bungalow which is available upon request. Retreat participants are expected to share these double-occupancy bungalows. The sharing is part of the fun! But, if desired, single occupancy bungalows are available at an additional cost for those individuals who require privacy. Additionally, we have dormitory style accommodation for five people that is situated next to the pond. This comfortable and beautiful space has a large shared bathroom.


    How we ensure sustainability:

    At the retreat centre we grow our own ayahuasca vine and Chacruna plants and the tea is made here on the land with much loving care and attention. The Spirit Vine centre is devoted to ayahuasca and the spirit of the plants permeates through the land and everywhere in the centre.


    Local Communities

    Our engagement in local communities:

    The nature of our not-for-profit center is philosophical, mystical, spiritual, educational, and cultural. All income from the retreats goes toward the upkeep and maintenance of the grounds and facilities, creating employment for locals and forest conservation projects including the planting of thousands of native trees on the land.

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  • 8 Reviews on “Spirit Vine”

    1. Monika Spirit Vine

      When I decided to vistited the Spirit Vine, I had already participated in about 15 ceremonies in Europe and in Columbia. This was by far the most helpful, insightful and safe experience with Ayahuasca. Silvia Polivoy is a wonderful host and sitter. She is also a very skillful psychologist who guides you through the visions and helps in interpreting them. If you really have some serious questions regarding your inner self – she is the best person to ask for help. It is because she combines the experience of the two worlds – the one of the mystic Indian plant and the western, scientific approach to what is going on with your childhood experiences and present way of thinking. Besides she created a center that is not only beautiful, connected with incredible surrounding nature but also safe and healing in more ways that I can express here in just a few words of the comment. I absolutely recommend it to all the good people interested in outbound journeys through space, time and their own mind.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 16-23 November 2015
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    2. Michael - USA Spirit Vine

      I often rely on others more articulate than myself. Below are excerpts from a letter written by Dr Albert Hoffman, which has been reproduced in the book “Zig Zag Zen”, edited by Allan Badiner and Alex Grey.

      “Alienation from nature and the loss of the experience of being part of the living creation is the greatest tragedy of our materialistic era. It is my wish that a modern Eleusis will emerge, in which seeking humans can learn to have transcendent experiences with sacred substances in a safe setting.” Dr Albert Hoffman at age 101

      I experienced my second retreat at Spirit Vine in October 2015, the first being in December 2011. Since my first visit I have also been in retreats elsewhere. All of these experiences have had their highlights but I now hope and plan to return to Spirit Vine, a place that I view not only to be Safe, but Sacred.

      Nestled in a private setting in the Mata Atlanica Forest, minutes from pristine beaches on the coast of Bahia, Spirit Vine exceeds any desire for a “safe setting” by providing first rate accomodations. Bungalow and dormitory accomodations are well beyond “comfortable”. Delicious food is provided and special dietary needs are not a problem (within the larger restrictions). Access to the spectular nearby beaches is easily arranged.

      “Safety” is greatly enhanced by Silvia’s professional and lived experience. Silvia’s formal training as a psychologist and years of experience working with sacred plants make for a formidable tool kit when facilitating “set and setting” for ceremony. I also have no concerns regarding ad mixtures at Spirit Vine, adding to my sense of safety.

      In addition, my most powerful experiences in ceremony, without question have been at Spirit Vine. I believe this is due in part to the activities available during the retreat such as yoga, massage, art, personal meditation time and guided exercises intended to enhance the experience. Though I remain agnostic, I do believe I have glimpsed the Divine realm and suspect that reality is more complex than I can imagine. Spirit Vine is a truely safe “set and setting” for Sacred Ceremony.

      Some other repeat visitors and I were joking about the greater Amazon region being the new Mecca. Be it a new Mecca or new Eleusis or something else, Spirit Vine is definitely a place where “seeking humans can learn to have transcendent experiences with sacred substances in a safe setting”.

      With infinite gratitude to all,

      Michael (USA)…

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): October 16-24, 2015
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    3. Teiko M Spirit Vine

      I just returned from the 9 day March retreat at Spirit Vine in Brazil and I still feel like I am living in the dream land created by Silvia. The beauty of this and surrounding places cannot be overstated! The landscapes of the jungle which you can see while relaxing on the hammock on your bungalow deck are other worldly. The beaches which are 5 minutes away are unforgettable – white sand, stretching far as the eye can see, blue waters of the Atlantic… I want to go back now!

      And the food! The food! Everyday the cooks would treat us to something innovative, exquisite and healthy at the same time. Tapioca fruit pudding was a favorite for most of us, and the highlight dinner dish on the last day, “moqueca de jaca” (jack fruit)- only 1 word to describe it – outstanding.

      I have had ayahuasca ceremonies before in Peru and Colombia, but I cannot ever dream of going anywhere else after visiting the Spirit Vine center. The amount of care and attention given by Silvia and the whole staff is unmatched by any retreat I visited. The conditions are as good as any respectable 4-star resort. A western bathroom with hot showers and comfortable bungalows is more than I could ever ask for after my previous experiences. I doubt I will find a place as beautiful as this on my journey with this powerful plant teacher.

      • Citonat Spirit Vine

        The two weeks that I spent at Spirit Vine have been the best of my life to date. Each day was it’s own adventure. The ceremony day starts with a powerful yoga session and the most delicious breakfast spread. After that you can go relax and explore the beautiful lands of the retreat or take a swim in the natural pond. Then there’s a light lunch followed by some creative session that helps you explore your inner-self. Finally you take some rest in your comfortable bungalow to prepare for the most adventurous, exciting, crazy journey of your life!

        The ceremony room is very well made and comfortable, the only thing keeping you away from the amazing natural surroundings is a net to protect you from the insects (if you ask then you can even visit a beautiful secret garden where you can lie down and feel mother earth and hug trees and talk to the plants during your journey!). Once your journey begins, you feel so connected to nature, and you’re able to hear all the sounds from the leaves rustling to critters chirping because of the great way the ceremony room has been made and located.

        The journeys themselves are guided by THE BEST MUSIC EXPERIENCE EVER 😀 Silvia has a great ear for picking music that takes you on a journey so deep that you never want to come out of it! At dawn when you finally leave the ceremony room, you can either go to sleep, or just sit by the pond and ponder over your journey and the beauty of life, nature and everything around you. Shortly after you’ll be served a magnificent breakfast (which you’ll be craving having not eaten since the previous afternoon) and then you are free to relax or express your journey using art (painting/drawing/coloring). The afternoons have lunch and a sharing session where everyone discusses their journeys and you learn from your group’s insights. Then dinner and sleep and some really vivid dreams!

        The whole 8/9 “earth days” that you’re there feel like ONE EXTREMELY LONG DAY, a day that will completely change your life in the most beautiful way possible with the most loving, joyous and peaceful people you will ever meet. Right from the time you arrive to the time you’re sadly bidding everyone goodbye, you can be rest assured that everyone there will take great care of you and help you through the best experience of your life. If Mother Aya calls you, coming to spirit vine would be one of the best decisions of your life 🙂

        • Umit Sahin Spirit Vine

          i have never felt more lost and hopeless about life. the fact that i grew up very tight with a family, at a time where i felt no love from family nor a family of my own i was trying to create, Spirit vine came up to my mind. at a time where i did not want to wake up to another day , and that i could not go on with life, spirit vine came to my mind where my closest ones have been to experience. Spirit vine saved me, it felt like home. it felt honest. Silvia saved me, she felt like family and simple love. it was the best experience of my life. it was a new meaning in my life. it showed me more than what i new. i met myself for the first time there without any influences. it s my only reference to peace in the city life. there is not a day goes by , i do not think of my days in there. life was tout before spirit vine, life is still tout after it. but at least i have references to something bigger than life which comforts me. major thanks to all bad things happened to me that made me go there, and major thanks to a woman that has created the safest purest most honest surrounding in the middle of the jungle. love you my dear Silvia.

          • Tony Spirit Vine

            I have recently spent 8 days on the retreat, I thought the retreat was very beautiful, Loved the spring water pond that you can swim in. Our hosts Silvia and Michael were very accomdating. The food was excellent .
            A normal cermony day consisted of Yoga for 1.5 hours first thing followed by breakfast, then we could go to the beach or chill around the retreat. We then had light lunch followed by a workshop session that set the scene for the night time cermony. We then grabbed a few hours sleep before meeting at 9pm in the fabulous cermony room.
            What can I say about my Ayahuasca experience, I have read many self development books and been on many self development seminars, nothing compares to this experience, its like learning years and years of spiritual knowledge in a few days. Thoroughly recommend this experience.
            Our hosts Silvia was exceptional in her knowledge and help in this experience If you needed any assistance it was on hand straight away.
            I have come away from my time there feeling at peace and have a knowing of who I am what my lifes purpose is.
            Thankyou very much Silvia and Michael , will definitely go back.

            • Tori Spirit Vine

              This place is simply beautiful. I did a lot of research before I left as my main concern was safety. The surroundings were also really an important consideration for me as I wanted to make my experience as comfortable as possible. At SpiritVine you have everything, great accommodation, healthy food, awesome daily workshops, and a patient, knowledgable facilitator. Silvia who runs the retreat really knows what she is doing and makes sure that everyone is looked after, heard and able to have the experience the need to have. The ceremonies themselves are intimate and intense, but such bonds are made within the group that speaking openly about them the following day is one of the best parts of the whole experience. I highly recommend this trip, whether you are going for the ceremony or the various other spiritual activities, it’s so worth it.

              • Andrew Spirit Vine

                Amazing experience! Life changing! Beautiful and safe setting. Ceremonies were handled with the utmost care. Engaging workshops, yoga and art classes. Went to a beautiful beach one day and had two lovely massages during the retreat. I learned a lot about myself and meet interesting people from all over the world. If you are looking for a spiritual retreat center, I highly recommend Spirit Vine!

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