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  • Come and experience a life changing journey at Ayni Retreat Center.

    We offer 12, 8, 6 and 5 day retreats that include ceremonies with Ayahuasca and Huachuma (San Pedro). We also have a Temazcal ceremony, which is also called a Sweat Lodge.

    You will be fully supported before, during and after a retreat by experienced staff to facilitate your transformation and answer any questions you may have. Safety of our guests is our #1 priority. Our Shamans and Healers are experienced with these medicines and are also available to talk to, before and/or after ceremonies if you wish.

    Ayni is a word that comes from the indigenous Andean language "quichua". It means reciprocity, solidarity, cooperation and mutual support. The Shaman and Staff are committed to the meaning of this word in order to facilitate an experience for you that changes your life for the better.

    The housing is a collection of patrimonial (heritage) buildings which are authentic and antique. The buildings were built in 1557. This truly adds to the experience because it feels as if you've gone back in time.


    12 Day Retreat
    6 ceremonies: 2 Ayahuasca, 2 San Pedro and 2 Sweat Lodges with two extra, optional Ayahuasca ceremonies.

    8 Day Retreat
    4 ceremonies: 1 Ayahuasca, 1 San Pedro and 2 Sweat Lodges with one extra, optional Ayahuasca ceremony.

    6 Day Retreat
    3 ceremonies: 1 Ayahuasca, 1 San Pedro and 1 Sweat Lodge.

    5 Day Retreat
    2 ceremonies: 1 Ayahuasca, 1 San Pedro with two extra, optional Ayahuasca ceremonies.

    There are several meetings before you participate in a ceremony to prepare you for the experience with these sacred medicines. There are also regular meetings during a retreat to support you as well.

    Please visit http://ayniretreats.com for bookings and more information.

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    Medicine information (content and method of preparation)

    Type of Medicine:
    • Ayahuasca
    • San Pedro (Huachuma)
    Medicine content :

    We only mix the Ayahuasca vine with the chacruna leaf.

    Medicine preparation:

    Each Shaman makes their own medicine with care and attention. These preparation methods were passed down from either their family or their teachers.

    Ceremony details

    Maximum number of participants in a ceremony: 25
    Place of ceremony: Indoor Maloka
    Props etc. used during the ceremony: Many sacred items are used during a ceremony such as floral water, incense, mapacho (tobacco)

    Accomodation details

    Type of Accomodation:
    • Private
    • Shared
    More about the accomodation and food:

    You have the choice for a private or a shared room. The are shared room with only one, two or three people.



    Do you welcome locals?: Yes
    Price range locals: 150

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