• Canto Luz


    Treehouse Lodging. Female operated centre. Small group retreats. Flexible Pricing. 1500 Acres of Virgin Amazon Rainforest. Community Spirit. Volunteering. ________________________________________ We work with the principle of “Where Attention goes, Energy flows” – through a deeply intentional work in ceremony we introduce our guests to new tools of self-healing and transformation. read more

  • Myco-Meditations


    Myco-Meditations is a legal, safe, Psilocybin/Soma retreat center in rural Treasure Beach, Jamaica.  We offer beachside ceremonies facilitated by our Psilocybin expert, Eric Osborne. We are happy to offer work with our patented Amanita muscaria (Soma).  Processed by a medical expert in the United States, our Soma, provides a relaxing read more



    Welcome to Ayahuasca Peru.  We are an organization dedicated to the research, preservation, and dissemination of the culture and customs of the natives of Peru. We specialize in the uses and knowledge of the traditional medicine and in the defense of our biodiversity. Jainsho Rante Shobo, The Healing House, in read more

  • Dawn of Eden


    Entering the Dawn of Eden® Shamanic Center is like entering a monastery because the energy one encounters is sacred. It is a preeminent destination for those seeking spiritual transformation of the highest order. The center was built from the ground up to provide upscale accommodations and all the comforts of read more

  • Spirit Plant Journeys


    Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat in the Sacred Valley, Cusco We are lucky to live in a time where the opportunity to travel and experience the ancient wisdoms of the far corners of the world has never been so possible. Through this physical travel we are able to explore our read more

  • Sacred River (Feather Crown)


    The project The Sacred River center is the continuation of the Feather Crown project, which has been providing Ayahuasca retreats with reputable shamans in different locations of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Since 2008, it has helped more than 1000 visitors and received excellent ratings and testimonials. It has gained the reputation read more

  • Sacha Runa


    Carmen Castañeda and Miguel Kavlin would like to invite you to come to Bolivia and Share in the beauty, the magic and the mystery that we have found in this incredible place where land is still honored by the native inhabitants, and ancient beliefs and customs are still practiced to read more

  • The Hummingbird Center


    The Hummingbird Ayahuasca Retreat and Healing Center is a shamanic healing center specializing in plant spirit medicines and energetic healing. Located near Iquitos, Peru on 35 acres of beautiful and tranquil rainforest, the center provides an idylic environment for healing and personal transformation. The Hummingbird Center offers a unique approach read more

  • Sound of Light Sacred Medicine Circle


    Sound of Light is a circle of souls devoted in manifesting a path of consciousness that is guided by the Sacred Plant Spirit. We are the Lost Tribe awakening, coming together to journey into the mystery and bring back the secrets to the well-being of life. Sound of Light Family invites you to our Forest home read more