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    The best option retreats in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon

    In Anaconda Cosmica the retreat program is unique and the time of retreat depends on the intention of each person.

    Anaconda Cosmica is a Shipibo Healing Center in Iquitos (Peru) using traditional Shipibo knowledge to treat people with various conditions from all over the world, under the guidance of the owner and main healer of the center, Master Hilda Rojas.

    The Center founded on 1990 as Espiritu de Anaconda, in October 2011 changed the name to Anaconda Cosmica. It was created to receive all who wish to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies for therapeutic purposes, transformation and spiritual renewal. The diet of the plants which the Shipibo people regard as their main teachers and the ceremony in the Maloka are central parts of these ancient therapeutic techniques and touches all aspects of the human being.

    The Center is a quiet place which looks like a paradise when one comes from busy, noisy cities and a magical place when the full moon shines down from clear night sky.

    The Buildings

    We’ve built a kitchen, a dining room, a library and rest room, a guest house, several bungalows with individual and double rooms, a botanical garden, a ceremony house "Maloka", a medicine house for daily treatments, isolation huts immersed in the forest which surrounds the property and a swimming pool. We also have showers, toilets, a laundry and Wifi Internet in order to offer a good standard of comfort to our visitors. We have also a little shop so that you will no longer need to go to town to find basic items you might need during your stay such as toothpaste, soap, tissues, water bottles, gifts for your friends and family. Once you come to Anaconda Cosmica you can just relax and focus on your process while we take care of you.

    We Practices Traditional Shipibo Medicine

    Many people searching for alternative ways to solve their physical, emotional or spiritual problems have found their way to the medicine men of the Amazon rainforest and have also found their solutions in these shamanic traditions. The testimonies of these people are first-hand accounts of direct experiences with these healing methods and contribute greatly to the open debate between holistic and conventional medicine, and some would say between traditional medicine and fast food medicine.

    In this center we practice and apply traditional healing techniques from the Shipibo culture. Shipibo healing relies exclusively on natural healing methods using a strict diet, carefully chosen by the healer as well as medicinal plants to cure the body. Shipibos believe that plants not only have the power to heal but also the power to teach and at the Anaconda Cosmica visitors can seclude themselves from the outside world and focus their attention on their connection with nature and its power to heal them.

    At Anaconda Cosmica, knowledge and practices of Traditional Shipibo Medicine are emphasized, which distinguishes itself from other practices such as the ‘mestiso’ or other indigenous groups. The differences are essentially in the use and application of medicinal plants and Master plants related to Shipibo knowledge, preparation of remedies, chanting techniques used in ceremonies and specific rules and protocols around the practice of ‘dietas’. The Center is under the supervision of the Shipibo woman healer Hilda Rojas and her trusted shaman healers and apprentices.

    Curing Diseases

    Other traditional Shipibo healers periodically come to the center to reinforce, support and enrich the work. The center offers a supportive environment to individuals looking to receive treatment for a wide range of problems, from depression to advanced-stage cancer or a spiritual curse. Many come to the center with a desire to receive help and support as an alternative to Western medicine, from which they have not found solutions to their ailments.

    An initial diagnosis and evaluation is performed at their arrival, then a recommendation and eventual prescription is given. A treatment plan opportunity of focusing the treatment with a holistic approach to the problem and treating the disease from its source rather than its symptoms. The center also receives individuals from all over the world who are searching for spiritual guidance, in particular, those who hope to discover the spiritual and magical aspects of Amazonian shamanism.

    Larger group stays, seminars, workshops and conferences may also be prearranged at Anaconda Cosmica. Such events normally include group orientations and talks, tours of the extensive medicinal garden, classes, and initiation in the use and rituals of medicinal and Master plants. Opportunities for further exchange with teachers from other traditions or backgrounds are sometimes offered, such as painters, creative artists, and academics.

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    Ayahuasca Retreat, Plant Medicine, Master Plant Diets

    Medicine information (content and method of preparation)

    Type of Medicine: Ayahuasca
    Medicine content :

    ayahuasca and chacruna

    Medicine preparation:


    Ceremony details

    Maximum number of participants in a ceremony: 30
    Place of ceremony: Maloca
    Props etc. used during the ceremony: icaros, mapacho

    Accomodation details

    Type of Accomodation: Private
    More about the accomodation and food:

    Bungalows, isolation huts, rooms



    Do you welcome locals?: Yes

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