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Retreat Center Category: Ayahuasca and Master PlantsRetreat Center Tags: Ayahuasca, boutique, and master plant diets

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  • Mission Statement for Rainforest Healing Center

    To facilitate the safe, and deep healing of individuals one cosmic being at a time through unconditional love so that present and younger generations have a loving planet to coexist in harmoniously.

    Chakra Alegria de Amor (The Joy of Love Farm) is an Ayahuasca medicinal plant healing center and Permaculture farm; and we welcome you on your personal journey into the magical Amazon Rainforest, just outside Iquitos, Peru. It is our first priority to offer a safe, private, and sacred space tucked away on 60-acres of jungle property where Madre Ayahuasca originates, is propagated, and is deeply respected.


  • Offers

    Other offers:

    At Chakra Alegria de Amor, we offer several dietas such as Ajo Sacha, Chiric Sanango, and Uchu Sanango. Based on careful observation, discussion, and analysis by our Shaman and administrator. As we grow, we will offer massage and energy work to accompany Ayahuasca ceremony, healing modality classes, lectures by guest speakers, and internships for those interested in prolonged stays with us.

    Medicine information (content and method of preparation)

    Type of Medicine: Ayahuasca
    Medicine content :

    Our brew is a mix of Ayahuasca, Chacruna and Huambisa

    Medicine preparation:

    At the Rainforest Healing Center, we plant and harvest all of our own medicine. Every batch of medicine that we made is with ingredients from our property, and cooked on the premises. We never use Toè, and use Cielo Vine, Chacruna, and Huambisa. Depending on the group and their needs we might put some cutting from special trees. We allow the guest to partake in the preparation and cooking process, hence cooking their own medicine.

    Ceremony details

    Maximum number of participants in a ceremony: 8
    Place of ceremony: Our ceremonies are conducted after sunset in our Maloca (the ceremonial house). Guests sit in a circle in very comfortably padded lounge chairs. The Shaman sits facing East, with apprentices at his side. The Arcana (protection of the Maloca, shaman, appr
    Props etc. used during the ceremony: Icaros, scented flower waters, mapacho smoke, and the shacapa (leaf rattle) are used extensively throughout the ceremony to keep individuals’ and healing energies flowing freely. To keep the space sacred and clean we use crystals and salenite. We use mus

    Accomodation details

    Type of Accomodation:
    • Private
    • Shared
    • Fullboard
    More about the accomodation and food:

    The accommodations at Chakra Alegria de Amor were designed and constructed with your experience and well-being in mind. The tambos (local Peruvian dialect for “bungalows”) are very comfortable, serene, and private. Individuals come here out of commitment to their healing—not with the intention of socializing or partying—so each tambo is completely isolated from the others tambos to support this process. Retreat and course participants have a choice to sleep in single or double-occupancy bungalow (tambo). Each bungalow is nestled into the rainforest while placing you as close to the power and majesty of the jungle. We’ve screened all bungalows with mosquito netting, each bed is equipped with a high-quality full size mattress to provide comfort and relaxation. We also equip each bed with netting to provide double protection from insects.
    The Tambos/bungalows are all round and surrounded by specific Master Plants used in the dieta and/or Ayahuasca brew. We may place you in a certain bungalow if you are drinking and working with a specific plant Medicine, in order to build a relationship with that specific plant Master Plant Spirit.


    How we ensure sustainability:

    We are blessed to have over 60 acres of prime tropical rainforest where we have been guided to create the Replanting Ayahuasca Project (or ‘Resembrando Amor‘* as we’re calling it in Spanish) with the main goal to: Replanting Ayahuasca Faster than it is Consumed This initiative uses our blessed center’s land to replant the vine and other plants including the chacruna and huambisa leaves used in ceremony to honor and replenish the Medicine nature has given us. We also want to give back to Madre Ayahuasca and thank her for all the healing she has provided and provides to individuals and the planet.


    Do you welcome locals?: Yes
    Price range locals: Please inquire

    Local Communities

    Our engagement in local communities:

    Our funds are used to sustain and develop our infrastructure, educate local farmers in permaculture, and maintain our animal sanctuary and exclusive center for the rehabilitation of tree sloths, overseen by veterinary physician Miguel A. Sebastian Salas.

  • $200 off for returning guests

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  • 21 Reviews on “Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor”

    1. Danielle Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      I just finished a week retreat at Rainforest Healing Centre in Iquitos, and it was the most amazing, profound, magical, enlightening, emotional, liberating, loving, connecting, intense, relieving, healing, learning, experience of my life.
      The shamans, Esteban & Linda, are two lovely elders, a husband and wife couple, from the Shipibo tradition (originally from Pucallpa). They both have open and loving energies, and spend time with each individual person in each ceremony to help them through their journey and emotions, while singing Icaros to them personally, and using their hands to heal and massage if there is a need. They both also sing different Icaros simultaneously throughout the entire ceremony, which sounds magical. I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to experience their ceremonies, and I now understand how important the shamans are for the process, and the human need for spirituality and connectedness (I was a spiritual skeptic before I came here).
      The facilitators, Freddie and Nelson, were amazing too, so much love, support, openness, experience, and non-judgment, they do a lot to help and guide you, and create a safe space for everyone. Kristina also does a lot in the background to make sure the centre running smoothly, and brings a lovely energy to the place, and Rhaya was very helpful in the registration process and preparing for the retreat.
      The centre is surrounded by rainforest, so you really feel in touch with nature while you’re there, which enhances the experience; seeing, smelling, hearing the jungle. You also stay your own personal tambo/hut to chill and process your emotions and thoughts freely and in private, without being surrounded by others, as you can’t see or hear other people from your tambo through the forest, so you can really focus on your own journey.
      The retreat groups are no more than 8 participants too, so it’s really intimate and you’re not distracted or overwhelmed by many other people’s energies, and you really have time to connect with everyone, including the shamans, facilitators, and other people attending the centre.
      I was able to work through a number of my fears and anxieties while there, and gained a lot of insight and knowledge, but it would have been better to stay longer, three ceremonies feels like you’re just getting into it. I’m already planning my next trip out there for a longer period of time.
      Going there was the most positive, life changing, and loving thing, I’ve ever done for myself. I got things out of it that I didn’t even know I needed. I would HIGHLY recommend the Rainforest Healing Centre, what a magical place.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 5 March 2019
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    2. Rafa Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      Seriously, your search is over. This place is home; there is simply no other way to put it. This was my first time working with Aya, but I doubt that I will ever work with another centre. Every facet of this place is so incredibly full of love and respect on the highest of levels and this absolutely made my [first] experience with the Vine.

      I can honestly say that my experience with Chakra – the land and all of the people involved here – was just as, if not more so, healing as my experience with the actual plants. I’ve spent a long time pondering this review largely because I don’t feel that human words are an adequate expression of the gratitude that I have for these people and this place. It’s all I can do to resist booking my plane ticket back “home” again, lol.

      From the first point of contact, you can tell just how deeply everyone at Chakra cares about your wellbeing on all levels; expect to be thoroughly questioned about all aspects of your health/life to ensure that you are the right fit for this place and in a good space to do this kind of work, if the application wasn’t already clear on that! Every member of their team treats you with the most genuine love and respect from day one, even the workers.

      This is not just a retreat, you become part of a family that just keeps growing. You are being initiated into a very heart-centred way of being. This place is authentic and deep integrity is at the heart of all the work they do which helps you to let go and trust in your experience on a deeper level, which is so incredibly important. Here, you are held every step of the way while also empowered to find/utilize your own power and independence within this work. We had time with our facilitator pre and post-ceremonies to help thoughtfully prepare for and integrate our work – this was so helpful and they’re definitely doing this right. Same thing goes for the small groups; this allows you to connect more intimately with your fellow humans and your experience. These things were SO key.

      Everyone here holds a deep place in my heart – Omar, Viviana, the workers, the fellow retreat participants – and I won’t go into details but a special shoutout to Eddy and Cristina….wow. These two really have a special way of bridging the gap between professionalism/guidance and friendship. Feeling like I had friends holding my hand along this journey was so very helpful.
      Even afterwards I had found myself in a tough spot on a few levels and I reached back out to Chakra…let’s just say that they helped me more than I ever could have imagined simply out of the goodness of their hearts – again, especially Cris and Eddy. So much wow.

      I could go on for ages talking about how beyond amazing this place is but instead I’ll finish up with a little blurb on the amazing land and our accommodations. Man, what absolute paradise. It was definitely a trek traveling between our tambos and meals, etc., but the walk really helps you to appreciate the healing beauty of the jungle around you. You’re situated out in the middle of the womb of Mother Earth in all her glory. For being out in the jungle, your home for the retreat is unbelievable luxury and peace. Being in the midst of the beautiful chaos of the forest will lull you to sleep every night.

      Long story, short… Just jump. You will be supported. Sending all reading this so much love on your journey.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): January 2018
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    3. JamesG Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      My experience at the Rainforest Healing Center was profound.

      First there is a Connection with the jungle and all the energy and beauty possesses. At the same ntime you also disconnect from the outside world of social media, internet and distraction. This alone is worth the price of admission.

      You feel like your in another time and place yet there are enough comforts like nice sleeping tambos, private bathing and toilets, clean drinking water, lights ( tambos) and good healthy meals. There is even a bathtub which can be filled with herbs and flowers as you gaze at the stars. It took me a few days to really acclimate to the jungle, especially at night. It’s an otherworldly experience being listens to the jungle and it’s night sounds.

      The Maloca( where ceremonies take place) is a work of art, built by a master Maloca builder. You can feel the spiritual energy and is a perfect conducive place for inner work.

      The Shamans Olinda and Estaban ( husband &wife) are blessed with inner abilities and are there to watch , heal and diagnose the plant energy’s. Their presence is key to having a good and healing journey.

      The staff are all there to assist you in making sure you needs are met both on a comfort level as well as an emotional/ spiritual level.

      Now of course it’s the Medicine I came for, but without a set and setting I believe, and many people much wiser than me also agree, is the key to unlocking the wisdom of Mother Aya.

      If you come with Intention, Love, openness and an Active Imagination you will discover, and heal.

      I highly recommend Rainforest Healing Center as your place to connect.

      Peace and Love to all, Namaste.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): August 2018
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    4. Regine Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      It’s been two weeks now, since I left Rainforest Healing Center after an eleven day Ayahuasca retreat.
      My husband and I also did Ajo Sacha and Kambo. With all my heart I can say this: If you are a novice and are seriously thinking about doing Ayahuasca, then I recommend doing it here. I felt completely secure and taken care of, down to the smallest details. Because the truly important tings for such a serious endeavor are taken care of with such depth and dedication, with LOVE in other words, by everyone at RHC- even the tough moments which are inevitable when one is serious about self healing- became so meaningful and rich.
      Just the place itself, deep inside the jungle felt like such a help. Under the canopy of trees and plants, the sounds and life of everything that surrounds you there are in fact helpers 🙂 I had my own tambo and loved it. I slept like a baby. The bed was very comfortable and the mosquito netting worked perfectly- in fact I didn’t get a single bite my whole stay! Almost weird. The compost WC, the bucket baths- ok, I’m Norwegian and used to simple cabin life with no running water and compost wc- but I can honestly say it was a luxury, very peaceful. The food is prepared with the obvious ayahuasca dieta- restrictions in the lovely kitchen/casa, and the cook does a great job. Writing a review of this place is bit strange, because I feel so much love and gratitude towards the whole staff who made it all possible, because this beautiful place truly deserves its name Rainforest H e a l I n g Center. The dedication of the facilitators and shamans was something the whole group, my husband and I most definitely included, were struck by. We had the luck to participate in the harvesting of chacruna leaves; and partake in the whole process of making the ayahuasca brew we used in ceremony, to replanting the Mother Vine the next day.
      The ceremonies were conducted with the utmost feeling of respect and care. Pre ceremony we all had intention settings one- on- one with our facilitator. I mustn’t gush too much; suffice to say I’m still stunned by how much that helped the whole experience and my personal healing. The solo processing after each ceremony was equally important for understanding and integrating the experiences. Highest quality support are words that can be used to describe this. The shamans… a whole little book could be written about them. Straight people! Totally dedicated, totally natural. They led the ceremonies like the great Maestro and Maestra they are. They even led the ‘Camino del Tigre’ jungle walk and showed us incredible plants. Their knowledge is vast and so is their humor!
      The Ajo Sacha and Kambo ceremonies were such a great additional help, each in their unique way. I’m a kambo lover for life now,
      I miss RHC. I will always cherish it and what I experienced and learned. I hope I can come back.
      Thank you! Thank you Omar, Christina, Anne, Heather… for each being and smile and gesture. Thank you to the staff! Thank you to the dogs and cats and the monkey- and to the majesty herself: The jungle.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 14-24 July 2018
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    5. James L Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      Choosing to attend the Rainforest Healing Center has been one the greatest gifts I have ever given myself and also has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The healing center is located smack dab in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and is a sight to behold. The sights, the smells, the feelings of awe and oneness with nature are difficult to describe in words. The staff went above and beyond in working with us and helping us and guiding us through the process of working with plant medicine and working on ourselves. They treated us with so much kindness, compassion and love and they truly gave themselves to us in order to facilitate our own healing. I am still in awe at the generosity and selflessness that my facilitators showed to me and the group. The Healing center is aptly named and it truly has helped me in dealing with and coming to terms with many issues that have plagued me for my entire life such as issues pertaining to self love, fear and insecurity. It is a perfect and safe space to unplug from the modern world and go inside and do the deep cleaning work that is required if one wants to unburden themselves from the things that are no longer serving them in life. I could not recommend this healing center enough and I will forever be in deep gratitude to Omar, Eddie, the Shamans and the guests who truly helped me open my heart to the love and beauty that is in everyone of us and that surrounds us at all times. With much love and gratitude in my heart,


      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): March 23rd - April 2nd, 2018
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    6. Sarah Callif Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      I highly recommend Chakra Alegria de Amor AKA the Rainforest Healing Center to my friends, to my family (parents, grandparents, you name it!!!), and – of course – to you! I attended an 11-day retreat, and every step of the process before, during, and after has led me closer to self and to source. After decades of suffering from C-PTSD, I learned to release ALL symptoms. No more panic attacks, night terrors, or avoidance behaviors… just a deep sense of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and safety. Oh – and community!!! The shaman and his apprentice check on my daily, the guests from my retreat cheer me on whenever I need support with integrating, and the administrators continue showing and sharing their love and support. Now, one week after my retreat, many people (coworkers, peers, and even strangers) tell me, “You look so happy!!” Though the joy is palpable, that was never the point. I just wanted to feel *human* – and, fortunately, that was exactly what I needed (all guests get what they need). This healing center will make sure that your body, mind, and spirit are loved and protected. You will have countless opportunities for practicing sustainability, respecting plants and animals, and compassionately witnessing yourself and others. Thanks to this healing center’s facilitators and plant medicines, I am proudly pursuing a heart-centered approach to life, and death, and everything in between 💜.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): January 19th-29th, 2018
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    7. Paul de Wit Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      Hi there,

      It’s been a little over a month ago now since I have left Rainforest Healing Center. This is a very aptly named. These people are serious about healing!
      For instance there are free bi weekly integration meetings for past guests over the internet. That are very helpful in helping to adjust to our busy lives back home.

      I won’t write much about the amazing facilities and staff, as they are just fantastic and already well-described in other guests’ reviews.
      Everything is very professionally run by people who genuinely care and love what they are doing, something that really shows. I was really fortunately to receive a very generous family discount, otherwise I would not have been able to attend. Despite this, my opinion is in no way affected by this very kind act. This alone shows to me that this place is set up for helping people and not as a money maker. It shows in all the details of the centre.

      The one word that keeps popping up to describe RHC is ‘sincere’.
      For a place as alien and challenging to city slickers as the jungle can be, great efforts have been made by the staff to make it as comfortable as it can get. It still is no 5-star luxurious resort and it will never be that. It’s arguably a far richer experience than that! I personally had no issues being comfortable whatsoever.
      I have attended the 11-day ayahuasca retreat with added Ajo Sacha dieta for integration purposes. All I can say that it has done more for me than years of trying to find help for my issues (a mix of generalised anxiety, mild burnout and PTSD) here in the West, which I felt is just not available. And where the standard suggestion always seems to be to take some antidepressants, which I have always kindly declined.

      Deep down inside I knew that the root of my issues was trauma, regardless if it was caused by others or myself while being in a less conscious state. I had enough of these issues hampering my ability to live a full and satisfying life based on my own terms. I realised I had to go deep inside and get a more complete understanding of my condition and being.
      For me the retreat was the way. It is like the reset button has been pressed and I can start rebuilding myself anew—not being hampered by old trauma, and with greater awareness and consciousness. This is the real work that needs to be done and still is ongoing. And although the healing centre could/would never claim that they can heal, for legal reasons, take my word for it that it really does. Thanks to my time in the jungle I have managed to kick unhealthy habits such as drinking too much alcohol and caffeine, having a poor diet, and not exercising.
      I fully realise that I have been given this fantastic opportunity to change my life for the better and am now able to take full responsibility for my own well-being, something that I was not able to do to this extent before. This in itself has been very empowering. I am really grateful for this whole experience and am already able to experience moments of deep happiness and inner peace that I had never imagined possible.
      In hindsight it is the best investment in myself that I could have ever made. Even at full price it would have been.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 11/09/2017- 27/09/2017
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    8. Love Streamer Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      I did two Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Netherlands and two in Portugal. In June this year I went for the first time to Peru to do a ten day Ayahuasca retreat with 5 ceremonies at RHC Chakra Alegria.
      Both, Netherlands and Portugal, was a nice experience for me but only after Peru I really understand what Ayahuasca can do for you and how powerful this medicine is. It is comparing amateur football with Champions League!
      RHC wants to heal people and that’s why they will only accept maximum 8 guests so that every person can get the full attention of the manager, it’s staff and the Shaman.
      The location is perfect, each Tambo stands alone while they’re spread over the property. A bucket shower is like a blessing, your day will start happy! 😊 Because of the more than 120 plants on the domain, the water is from an unheard quality, your hair will feel softer, your skin looks better.
      It’s not easy to prepare a good and delicious meal with the restrictions of the Aya diet but at RHC they manage to do so, food is of good quality and it is tasty.
      I want to say once more: ‘Thank you very much Murielle’
      Murielle is the manager at RHC and she is a fantastic person, dedicated her life to help others.
      She travelled throughout the world, has passed her exam at the University of Life Cum Laude and in my opinion, that makes her the perfect person to run RHC and help the guests.
      The Shaman was not only a nice person but also very professional, His brew was of high quality and he led the ceremonies in a very good way. Once the ceremony is finished, between midnight and 1 am, everyone sleeps in the Maloca, the Shaman and one of the staff will sleep there as well, so they will not leave you alone. As you can see at RHC they really care about you!
      The rest of the staff and the volunteers, all nice and friendly people, all there to help you, also a big thank you to all of you.
      And don’t forget Karin, she’s the one you will meet first via Skype. I spoke to her for 1 ½ hour, I immediately had a good feeling and no doubts about the quality of RHC. Thank you as well.
      Conclusion: If you’re serious about healing and looking for a professional center I can recommend RHC Chakra Alegria with confidence and with all my heart. You don’t have to look any further.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 9 to 19th of June 2017
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    9. Ali Tyler Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      I am beyond grateful for everything RHC has done for me. The center is very safe and the staff are friendly. They make time for any questions. The staff are always smiling and I am so thankful for their service. My trip to RHC is the best thing I’ve ever done. RHC also prepares us before, during, and after the retreat. I asked a lot of questions before coming and received so much support. I came with a lot of baggage, became naked spiritually, and left transformed. I defintely am coming back.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): June 24 - July 4 2017
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    10. Ashley allibone Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      At a time in my life when I needed a place to escape to, learn about myself and heal some emotional wounds; the rainforest healing center was and still is everything I needed and more. From the moment of arrival where we were smudged by Juan the Curandero at the gates, I knew this was the place where I could be accepted for who I am and that my intuition in choosing the correct place was spot on. All the facilitators Eren,Muri and Karin do an exceptional job in providing the passengers as much support as is needed in a beautifully caring manner before,during and after the ceremonies.the smiles and kindness i felt when being tucked under my blanket after the ceremoniesclosed will stay with me forever and bring a fuzzy happy feeling when I look back.
      Omar is a marvelous man of the highest magnitude, such warmth and wisdom eminates from his soul and it is infectious, he makes people feel good and I enjoyed our one to one moments where he really helped me visualize ways of fighting off negativities,to be a strong warrior of light and to love myself. The last words I said to him were “wow, that is quite the place you have there” to which he replied ” it’s quite a place we all have there including you”
      Juan the shaman is such a beacon of light, he is so humble and down to earth and truly powerful during ceremonies, I felt like I was part of his flock and he was a cosmic shepherd guiding us on our journey and preventing us from straying too far whilst giving us all time to focus on our individual journey, truly phenomenal.
      The jungle itself and the grounds of the Center are absolutely beautiful, I really felt as though,just being there alone was worth every penny, the opportunity to reconnect with nature and to feel it’s embrace was one of the most amazing feelings,it rekindled my childlike fascination with the world, looking at bugs and plants that I had only ever seen on wildlife dicumentaries and being amazed. The pure sound of the jungle rocked me to the deepest of sleeps with ease.
      Everything about the experience from the food lovingly prepared by maria,time in a nurturing environment,encounters with amazing animals,refreshing bucket showers,beautiful tambo’s to sleep in and a sense of awe at mother nature’s intelligence made this an unforgettable experience that has given me the strength to rise up with strong roots to take on this new chapter in my life. I want to thank everybody at chakra alegria de amor for all your kindness,beauty,wisdom and passion for what you do. I have already made leaps and bounds since returning to the UK.
      This isn’t just a place where you come and go, this is a place where you feel like you are part of the family and madre Ayahuasca is the ever loving and guiding spirit that looks after all members in the way that she chooses and deems necessary.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 21/1/17-31/1/17
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    11. Michael Wilson Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      Have been back a week now from spending 11 days in the Jungle at Chakra Alegria De Amor, aka Rainforest Healing Center. I’ve scanned the other reviews here, and wholly endorse their enthusiasm. I’ve considered myself almost a professional skeptic most of my life. I was concerned at the time, cost, and various forms of self-denial that this trip would require; mostly concerned that it would amount to chasing rainbows. But desperation drove me to give it a try… and it was all I (the inner me, beneath the skeptic that has run my life) had hoped. In short, it was really, really (REALLY) hard, and so worth it. The people, (Eren, Muri, Omar, Juan) were amazingly genuine, open, caring, and insightful. It wasn’t just singing kum-ba-ya; was real, transformative, work. I have a hard time seeing how a club-med version could deliver the same. Also- the small group size they have at one time was… wonderful. We weren’t cattle, or ‘patients’; we had time to get to know each other, and the staff, which in turn allowed for impactful relationships to form. I’m so thankful to Omar for creating this space, and to Eren, Muri, and Juan for… sharing themselves. They say it’s a non-profit, and it clearly clearly is. It’s a labor of love for them all, and it shows. If you go, you’ll be challenged, but if you’re really seeking healing, and are open to it, you won’t be disappointed. I know in our group, we all have come away knowing this: We were in the right place.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): Jan. 2017
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    12. Chris Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      Professional, safe, supportive and genuine. Those four words would be my summary of my 10 day retreat at the Rainforest Healing Center (Chakra Alegría de Amor, Joy of Love Farm) in December 2016. Highly recommended.

      Even though I am a somewhat naïve person in regard to either therapy or hallucinogens, this experience was profoundly beneficial. Whilst an individual journey, I am thankful for the participant selection process also as I met some truly wonderful people.

      The setting of the Peruvian Amazon is idyllic surrounded by more shades of green than you thought possible to house the fluro-blue butterflies, Mojo the colorful parrot etc etc. Other reviewers have described the carefully thought through facilities, which are accurate.

      Small groups of eight people maximum allow a personal connection with staff and the shaman. I have heard of other groups where the participants number into the teens or even twenties; I find it hard to understand how there can be any personal connection or personal support with such a large group of people.

      The information provided beforehand, whilst not overwhelming, was plentiful and allowed for good preparation. The journey starts when you sign up, not when you turn up. However, once arriving in the middle of the jungle the team very patiently re-iterated the most important information which was key for anyone who felt in unfamiliar territory, either physically in the jungle, or mentally for such an experience. The team offer follow-up afterwards.

      It is not a free-ride. People who take ayahuasca can be referred to as ‘pasajeros’ or passengers, but that is only during the ceremonies. Whilst a magical experience, there are no magic wands with instant solutions, be prepared for some tough mental work. Good setting of intentions is vital, but beware that you may get different answers than what you expect. All extremely positive.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): December 2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    13. tanya fromberg Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      Chakra D’Alegria aka Rainforest Healing Centre has firmly embedded a piece of itself forever in my heart. I came on a private retreat with Rebekah Shaman but this did not stop the centre welcoming us in to be part of the family.
      You can feel the love and attention poured into every detail of the lodge. The tambo’s, moloka and dining areas are understated eco chic. You feel the rawness of the jungle while never being uncomfortable which is so important when you are on such an intense and profound transformational journey. The restrictive diet was not even an issue as Juanita’s cooking is so delicious and made with love.
      Jairo, the Shaman radiated love and compassion and he and Rebekah created a beautifully synergistic relationship between the west and the Amazon, between feminine and masculine both had such powerful icaros we were instantly reaching for the buckets and held a beautifully protected space and were able to care for us when the medicine was working at it’s strongest. Jairo really know’s and loves the forest and has a beautiful story of how he became a shaman.
      The jungle is incredible in the surrounding area with one of the most special trees guarding the property I have ever had the pleasure to hug and the bathing areas bring beautiful moments of serenity and solitude where you can encounter the wildlife of your dreams.
      Since the retreat I can feel all aspects of myself shifting and changing- physically, emotionally and mentally. Rebekah’s processing was phenomenal, her intuition is so sharp she know’s exactly how to bring the best (and worst) out of you so you can give to the jungle all that no longer serves you. My creative expression is radiating, I feel a deep sense of contentment but also observing all the old patterns which are still there but I am in a much better place of acceptance with. I know this is an everlasting journey but the medicine and all the other magic has given me the tools to travel a lot better.
      I have infinite love and gratitude to this amazing medicine, the jungle, the lodge, the staff, Jairo and Rebekah, it really goes beyond words.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 19/11/2017
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    14. Beatrice Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      I’ve spent 11.5 days in the Rainforest Healing Center for the 10 day retreat in June 2016 (my first time doing Ayahuasca) and would like to share my experience as I hope that this will be helpful for you to decide if this is the right path and center for you.

      My true intention for the retreat was unclear to me at first but there was a deep desire for change in my life.
      At the time I was frustrated with my fear of intimate relationships and a 15 year long dependency on Adderall and various sleep medications and “downers”. I had been wanting to do Ayahuasca for over 6 years but found that the internet was flooded with countless centers offering medicine and friends had urged me to research well as there are quite a few “bad eggs” out there to be vary of.
      I had found out about this center through a friend who had told me that several of his close friends had done retreats there in the past (extremely satisfied) and my gut feeling urged me to go there as well.

      Shortly after submitting my application, Omar contacted me and said that he would like to meet in person for the initial interview. I absolutely loved the process! Interviews are generally conducted via Skype but I appreciated that Omar was willing to go the extra mile and meet me since he happened to be in Los Angeles at the time. It put me at ease that he wanted to be sure that I went for the right reasons and was able to follow the diet and be fully committed.
      Omar was a delight to talk to and I knew I was on the right path already.

      (At this point I would like to mention that the diet is very important for a number of reasons! Start as early as you can and follow it as long as you can after as well. If you are on medications or drugs, don’t wait until the last minute of the “safety window” and this will greatly enhance your experience.)

      The accommodations (Tambos) were super nice and comfortable, you can clearly tell that everything was crafted with love. I felt safe yet connected with nature and the animals around me and I could even see monkeys in the trees. I was quite amazed at the quality of the food we received during the retreat considering how restrictive the diet seemed to be. Juanita is a wonderful cook and she did our laundry on site for a small fee.

      About the ceremonies:
      Our group was small – 7 total plus 2 facilitators plus our shaman. I was a bit scared to drink the medicine at first because I didn’t know what to expect. Cooking our own medicine was a wonderful way to connect and experience. I did 5 ceremonies total and in retrospect I must say that 5 ceremonies were perfect for me personally. I also opted for the Ajo Sacha as well. Kambo was available as well at the time and it really helped me to open up & let go and gave me a much needed push for my final ceremony! So If Kambo (amazing heart opener!) is offered there, I highly recommend to combine it with Ayahuasca if you’re having difficulties to fully surrender or want to experience the medicine to the fullest potential: Kambo will help.

      Christian, our shaman, was absolutely amazing and I loved his presence. The medicine was strong too.
      My final ceremony was the most intense and profound but I would like to spare you the details about my personal experience because I think you will get the best results if you simply surrender and set aside your expectations.
      This medicine is extremely powerful and it works differently on everyone so comparing visions/experiences and results is beside the point as I feel that they happen at a different pace and level of intensity for everyone.
      Trust that your shaman will guide you and the facilitators will help you decide how much medicine is right for you.

      The facilitators will assist you with your intentions and help you process your experiences post-ceremony as well.

      Writing this 3 1/2 months later, I can truly say that Ayahuasca has transformed me on a very deep level. Little did I know that the medicine will keep working with me long after I had returned home, which expressed itself in daily subtle but constant positive changes and very vivid dreams that moved me very deeply on a soul level.

      I’ve been off of Adderall for about 4 months now and I can truly say that I don’t need it in my life and I have no desire to take it ever again. My attention span totally fine and normal now, by the way! I now sleep a full 8hrs a night and feel at peace with myself like never before.
      So if you are currently on Adderall and are wondering if Ayahuasca can help you – I can tell you with certainty that Mother Vine will help you heal so you will no longer need it.

      Amazingly enough, I have not felt any anger or rage since my final ceremony, which I was struggling with since childhood, since I’ve done this retreat. I finally feel at peace, my almost always present sense of restlessness is also gone. I visited my family in Europe last month and they asked: “You are so different now! What happened?” So I told them about Ayahuasca (which I was hesitant to do beforehand). My relationship with my parents and sister has greatly improved now as well.

      Another unexpected perk? I used to struggle with acne for a long time and it simply went away! Crazy!

      I can now safely say that I’m currently the best possible version of me and I have to thank the Rainforest Healing Center and Mother Vine for this! I have also integrated Kambo into my life now – it’s a wonderful medicine.

      I also loved the group and I’ve been staying in touch with everyone.

      By the way …. If you are trying to choose between doing 7 or 10 days, definitely do all 10!

      Ps: If you have a few days to spare, the Cusco/ Sacred Valley area is a wonderful place to decompress and slowly re-enter “reality”. Especially Cusco has many restaurants that offer the Ayahuasca diet.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): June 2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    15. James Golder Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe Chakra Alegria de Amor and the beautiful people who run it. My wife and I went there for an Ayahuasca retreat as the focal point of our honeymoon in Peru, to help us heal past pain and prepare for the rest of our lives together, hopefully as parents in the near future. We are forever changed by the amazing experiences we had there.

      The CAA team couldn’t have been more helpful with their online resources in the months prior to going on retreat. Karin in particular was a source of many gratefully-received pieces of advice, and her recommendation of Hotel La Casona was a very good one for the overnight stay in Iquitos, prior to entering the jungle.

      Right from the moment we arrived at CAA, and throughout our time there, we felt loved, safe and protected by everyone (everyone being Christian, Cristina, Eren, Juanita, Karin, Muriel, our host Omar, the jungle workers, the jungle Herself and the omnipresent Mother Ayahuasca). The whole experience was magical and cleansing. The people of CAA work so hard to make it the best possible spiritual journey for the guests, with love at the core of everything they do. They are crusaders of light and wisdom with hearts of pure gold.

      The land is treated with the highest regard, and the Mother Vine is re-planted abundantly in place of that which is harvested. The medicine is brewed and blessed with love.

      The ceremonies themselves are carried out with the utmost respect and integrity. The facilitators genuinely care, and are always there when needed during ceremony. Christian, the shaman, is truly incredible. He has a great wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight. His ritual practices are time-honoured and beautiful, as are his icaros. He has a humble and jovial personality too.

      The medicine is potent and I am still processing everything I went through. Suffice to say I feel my personal healing has been accelerated and I have been shown some profound truths.

      Ajo Sacha was available as an optional extra, again administered with maximum respect for the medicine and its tradition. Kambo was offered and lovingly applied by Cristina. Lou and I love our Kambo scars! They’re a reminder of an amazing journey, both inner and outer. The center also provides Chiric Sanango and Uchu Sanango dietas.

      The food, lovingly prepared by the naturally maternal Juanita, was delicious.

      The tambos are a delight to stay in! The connectedness with nature is unparalleled and the bucket showers are the most refreshing imaginable.

      I would recommend CAA to EVERYBODY, and would also say that it’s a fantastic place at which to volunteer. We met Jimbo while we were there, a volunteer and traveler by trade, who was very happy in his work, and was yet another amazingly friendly, kind and helpful presence.

      Thank you again, CAA. All of you. Lou and I think you’re amazing. We’re deeply grateful and always will be.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 6th - 14th August 2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
      1. James Golder Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

        For some reason, the stars ratings weren’t working when I uploaded my review, but I’d definitely give this center 5 stars for everything.

        • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Please select
    16. Lise Bjørgen Olsen Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      I could not have asked for a more safe place and for better guidance as I received at my stay in the Rainforest Healing Center, Chakra Alegría de Amor. Going through the experience with Ayahuasca can be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do. So for me I am forever great full for the support, guidance and unlimited love I received during my stay. Not holding back by saying I could not have done the healing I did with (Ayahuasca, kambo and Ajo Sacha) without the wonderful people that work there. So much gratitude and love to every single one. The safety it gives you when everyone that works there knows your name. The intimacy by being a small group so everyone will get noticed, and can be taken care off in the best way possible was so vital to my healing. I hope who ever reads this will have a beautiful and safe journey, Pachamama will guide you with all her love.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 20/08/2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    17. Dany Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      החלטתי שאני הולך לשתות אץ התרופה.
      נחוש בדעתי התחלתי לחפש סדנאות איווסקה ברשת, הרבה סדנאות איכותיות ומטופחות צצו בחיפושים.
      היה לי חשוב שהמקום שאני אגיע אליו יהיה ב בג’ונגל מבודד) הבית של איווסקה ( ושל שאמן ולצוות יהין באמת כוונות טובות.
      מצאתי סדנא וכשכבר היתי בטוח שלמקום הזה אני הולך פתאום הבנתי שמשו לא מסתדר לי שם.
      נהיתי מיואש ומתוסכל, כבר תכננתי פשוט להגיע לפרו ולחפש שאמן בכוחות עצמי (לא חכם בכלל)
      לאחר זמן מה יצרתי קשר עם בחור מהיוטוב והוא קישר אותע ל RHC.
      מהרגע שנכנסתי לאתר חזרו תקוותי ובמיידית יצרתי קשר עם הצוות.
      כשהגתי למקום שמחתי למצוא שאמן ללא פחד בעיניים וחיוך מדבק, צוות שבאמת אכפת לו ובאמת אוהב! המקום מדהים מבודד בג’ונגל בדיוק כמו שצריך לחוות את התרופה.
      דאגו ךנו ל3 ארוחות מפנקות ביום ויש גן בננות!
      קשה לי לתאר במילים את החוויה שלי במקום הזה, ללא ספק אני מבסוט ומושה ליקום שהוביל אותי למקום הזה.
      עבר רר שבוע מאז שעזבתי ואני כבר מתגעגע קשות.:)
      אם אתם קוראים תגובה זו, אל תסעו לחפש ד שאמן בג’ונגל, תלכו לRHC.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 21 augus-29 augsut
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    18. Dee Thakor Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      Deep inside the Amazon Jungle, there resides a special place some may call it paradise,. Where all are welcome and treated with the same love and respect and this place is called “Chakra Alegría De Amor”.

      What makes this place so special is the staff, the care and attention the love is unparalleled and from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough.

      The Ayahuasca retreat with Rebecca Sharman is truly magical and a unique experience, you will never find any experience like it, this is a hidden gem not to be missed.

      2 Sharmen’s, the balance of female and male energies, singing Ikaros together in perfect linguistic harmony.

      I highly recommend Chakra Alegría De Amor, a place of mystical beauty, love, amazement, animals, true deep healing and a connection you have never felt before. As the transformative energies, cleanse and heal you into a new version of yourself.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): May 2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
      1. Dee Thakor Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

        This is truly a unique experience, you are well looked after and loved. Before and after the ceremony you are processed. Rebecca Sharman is also available 24 hours if you ever need to talk its amazing.

        During the ceremony you are well taken care off, there is someone to take you too the bathroom or fulfil any requests you may have.

        On ceremony nights you all sleep in the Malloka together and there are plenty of people to take care of you.

        • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 20th May 2016 too 4th June 2016
        • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    19. Chrissie Culbreth Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      When I decided to go to Peru I spoke with several friends who had been on retreats before, but I wanted my journey to be my own. I wanted to find a center for myself, where it would be a clean slate without any expectations. I found CAA online, and I will admit I was a bit nervous about going. It looked wonderful, but I had never worked with Ayahuasca before, and it felt like taking a huge leap of faith to trust a place and the people there without hearing firsthand that I should. But I took that leap, and I am eternally grateful that I did.

      The first thing I really appreciated was the screening process. It gave me confidence that the staff at CAA was as interested in making sure I was a good fit for the center as I was about them. It also helped create the amazing family that I ended up sharing my experience with. Other centers don’t have a screening process. You just have to hope that you end up with a group of people with whom you are compatible. But CAA takes that extra step to ensure that you’re going to be with like-minded people; ones who are there to share their journey with you and support each other along the way. That is exactly the kind of group I ended up with as a result. Plus, Karin is wonderful 🙂 She was so kind and genuine during our interview, and I knew that if the rest of the staff was anything like her that I had chosen the right place.

      I won’t go into details about my personal journey while I was there, because everyone’s is unique and hearing about my work with the Vine isn’t what will help you learn about CAA. I will say that my work was often very difficult for me, and I am so grateful that the staff at CAA is who they are. I don’t know that the experience would have been what is was for me if I didn’t have them. Yes, the journey is an individual one, and ultimately the work to be done was my own. That’s why I appreciate Omar, Matt, and Cristina so much. They allowed me to do the work myself- and pushed me to do it when I needed it- but supported me the whole time. They had such an incredible balance between them as a team. There was softness and compassion, yet they held me accountable and didn’t let me off the hook. They were there to hold my hand when I needed it, and there to support me from afar when I didn’t. I truly felt like they cared about my experience. When I triumphed, they triumphed.

      One of the things I loved about Omar’s approach to the experience, was the incorporation of processing. Working with Mother Ayahuasca can be an extremely intense experience, and I think it is incredibly helpful to be able to process the thoughts and feelings that come up with others. Again, the journey is an individual one at the end of the day. It was important that we all spent time processing on our own. And we did. We were encouraged to spend time on our own and given all the time we needed to do so. But I also think it can be beneficial to work through stuff with other people. Omar, Matt, and Cristina, were always available to talk about things with us. And happy to do so. I never felt like a burden when I asked to speak with them. They were all incredibly patient and spent as much time with us as we needed. I am so grateful for their openness and kindness.

      In addition to having an amazing team of facilitators, I couldn’t have asked for a better curandero. Pedro is one of the kindest souls I have ever met. He is so calm and comforting. He wasn’t removed from us like I know some others can be. He spent time with us. He laughed with us. I felt so safe during ceremony knowing he was there to guide us. He also has the best smile I have ever seen and his laugh will make your heart smile.

      One of my other favorite things about the experience at CAA (there are a million), is that we were involved in every part of making the Medicine. We picked Chacruna leaves, we beat the vine, we cooked the medicine together, putting everything together by hand. We even got to plant new vine for future generations. It really helped me connect to the process and made the experience that much more meaningful. We did all of those things with Pedro, so it helped us connect with him as well. Omar taught us about the medicine and sat with it with us. Matt even sang to it with us 🙂 Cristina helped us plant the vine. They were there for every part of the process. It was awesome that they were all so involved in our experience.

      I wasn’t worried about the facility itself, though I give that the highest marks as well. The tambos were incredibly nice and well-kept. The food that our wonderful and awesomely smiley chef, Juanita, prepared for us every day was delicious and nourishing. The staff was so helpful and friendly. They work so hard and always do it with a smile. And the jungle is just beautiful.

      I will never forget my experience at CAA- I carry it in my heart every day. I am so grateful to everyone there for sharing my journey with me. And I can’t wait to go back 🙂

      So much love to you all!!

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): February 2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    20. Carlee Curtin Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      I had never done Ayahuasca before and I’m so glad I chose to have this life enhancing experience at Rainforest Healing Center. I was exploring Ayahuasca because, though I felt I had made tremendous self- awareness progress through my bi- weekly therapy, the occasional yoga class I showed up frazzled and late for, and the sea of self help books I would purchase during torturous layovers at the airport, I was still in a lot of pain and inherently knew I had some healing to do. I’m a very busy 40 year old female executive, and I mention that, because my work identity made it a difficult decision to commit to this trip. Was I going to come back a crazy tree-hugging hippie? I’m far too busy for that. Will I release horrible demons and regress to an angry teenager? That sounded dreadful. I was scared, so safety and legitimacy were my top concerns. The rainforest healing center was, in fact, safe, professional, and very high-touch. I’m so happy with the compassionate staff. Their encouragement and reassurance enabled me to work with the ayahuasca knowing I was in good hands.
      My 5 recommendations
      1. Don’t be scared, just go to Rainforest Healing Center. They’ll guide you, just get there.
      2. The experience may be hard work for you, and you may feel scared or exhausted, but keep going! I did and I’m better for it!
      3. It’s the jungle, not a resort, “one with nature” takes on a new meaning. Bring enough clothes to wear clean things and bring bug repellent.
      4. Try to recognize your ego beforehand, you’re going to need to admit it is there, in order to kick it to the curb, so the medicine can work best.
      5. Spend time with the staff. They are amazing people. Their mission to combat addiction, depression, and help literally everyone with anything, is real! Don’t take ayahuasca with just anyone, at Rainforest Healing Center, they are the real deal, go there, you’ll see.
      Thank you for reading my review. I hope you make this investment like I did. It makes me happy just to think of you going to The Rainforest Healing Center. You can do it!

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): March 19-25, 2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    21. Antonina Panchenko Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      Hola! I’m from Ukraine living in Dubai… Just came back from 7 days retreat in rainforest and would like to share my experience..

      This is a magic place created with love and care.. Nature is amazing and completely dicnect you from this reality.. But also people.. All of them are big magic ayahuasca family and they are spreading their love on everyone) shearing their kindness support care generosity..
      Very important how Mat Omar and Khristina are taking care and helping to all guests..during ceremonies and even after (when you need a guidance to help you understand everything what happened with you)..
      And how powerful and carying is Shaman! It’s unbelievable..💜

      My ceremonies were amazing..I had a great experience which is hard to describe with words… There are different ways how ayahuasca is healing and teaching you..she knows what is better for everyone and giving her wisdom and magic generously.. I’m so impressed with atmosphere and still in my dreams I’m coming back to the jungles and feel connection with mother Aya…

      Thank you so much..for everything you’ve done and keep doing..
      Wish you more and more love inspiration and positive energy..

      With love

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 19-25.03.2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
      1. Antonina Panchenko Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

        Hola! I’m from Ukraine living in Dubai… Just came back from 7 days retreat in rainforest and would like to share my experience..

        This is a magic place created with love and care.. Nature is amazing and completely dicnect you from this reality.. But also people.. All of them are big magic ayahuasca family and they are spreading their love on everyone) shearing their kindness support care generosity..
        Very important how Mat Omar and Khristina are taking care and helping to all guests..during ceremonies and even after (when you need a guidance to help you understand everything what happened with you)..
        And how powerful and carying is Shaman! It’s unbelievable..💜

        My ceremonies were amazing..I had a great experience which is hard to describe with words… There are different ways how ayahuasca is healing and teaching you..she knows what is better for everyone and giving her wisdom and magic generously.. I’m so impressed with atmosphere and still in my dreams I’m coming back to the jungles and feel connection with mother Aya…

        Thank you so much..for everything you’ve done and keep doing..
        Wish you more and more love inspiration and positive energy..

        With love

        • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 19-25.03.2016
        • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    22. Christina Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      I did a 7 day ayahuasca retreat in January 2016 at Rainforest Healing Center in Iquitos (Chakra Alegría de Amor, The Joy of Love Farm). I had a great experience and highly recommend it. It was my first time, whereas some of my fellow students have done it before, and we all agreed it was an amazing journey. Omar, Christina, and Matt are experienced, caring professionals with a true commitment to guiding their students along the healing process. The shaman Cesar, and his apprentice Jenny, are strong and gentle practitioners of ayahuasca and provided powerful ceremonies for us.

      Choosing the right healing center is critical for a good experience with ayahuasca so I signed up for Rainforest Healing Center based on a recommendation from a friend I made at a 10 day silent meditation retreat (Vipassana) in Thailand two months ago.

      The staff provided excellent support and guidance throughout the entire process. From their informative website, to the Skype interview process with the administrator Karin in Amsterdam (critical for screening out people who would be disruptive, disrespectful, or just looking for a recreational drug experience), their comprehensive pre-departure briefing materials (covering the dieta, the agenda, the facilities, and other frequently asked questions), to guiding us during the ceremonies (reminding us to focus on our intentions, focus on what we were purging), to helping us process our visions the morning after the ceremonies. The center reminded us several times that they were still available to us as a resource even after we left, they referred to us as being part of their family and we are encouraged to reach out for more guidance on how to implement the wisdom imparted to us by Mother Ayahuasca.

      I did not opt for the ajo sacha but a few in my group did.

      The groups are generally limited to 8 participants but my retreat had 10 people, due to overwhelming demand and also Omar’s interest in bringing the ayahuasca healing to as many people as possible. Because the screening process results in like-minded, sincere and committed classmates, I was happy there were 10 of us.

      The tambos are very large and clean, and the toilet and bathing facilities were also clean and comfortable. The food was good despite the heavy dietary restrictions. Juanita cooks and also does laundry. Leo did a great job looking after our tambos and porting our bags.

      The only unpleasant experience I would report would be the mosquitoes, but, well that’s the Amazon. Bring double or triple the amount of repellent and after-bite than you think you’d need. The 3 kilometer hike through the jungle to the campus wasn’t fun either but most others enjoyed it.

      Christina, 34
      San Francisco, California

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): January 16, 2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    23. Dima Dashevsky Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      I just finished 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies and a Chiric Sanango dieta at this healing center for a total of 16 day stay. There were a lot of challenging, beautiful and life changing moments during my retreat, and the shaman was wonderful and very talented and experienced in working with the medicine and taking great care of me even during the toughest times. All of the staff were friendly and helpful, and the food was delicious – I thought the limitations of the Ayahuasca diet would be difficult for me, but Juanita’s cooking was so great that I hardly noticed them at all. The tambos were really nice and felt like a home away from home, in the most untouched, exquisite setting. The center really takes the work seriously, and it felt like a nice, safe, supportive environment to be able to delve deep. I would recommend to friends.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): November 2015
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    24. William Record Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      My intention for heading to Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor (RFHC) was very clear. I had for as long as I can remember been hampered by a deep seated existential fear. Despite well over a decade of intentional work to clear past charges this was one that stubbornly refused to budge.

      It was when I started to realise how instrumental this fear was in catalysing so many of my fearful actions, reeking havoc in my relationships, that I decided enough was enough. Around that time I was conveniently presented with information on Ayahuasca and after doing some research came across and booked into RFHC. 2 weeks later I was on my way to Peru.

      Well, I didn’t have to wait long to get stuck into it. My first ceremony proved to be a very powerful and transformative experience. I literally went to the hell in my mind. It was a challenging experience but at some point I saw how I had been carrying a deep seated belief from early childhood that should I act or not act in certain ways I would indeed go to ‘so called’ hell. The hell I had created in my mind was not something that could be survived hence the fear. This knowledge had of course been suppressed and forgotten many years ago. So the fear had continued to work away undermining pretty much anything I chose to do or not do. Until NOW!!! I am finally free of it.

      Over the last few years one of the most perplexing questions I have struggled with was the question of what are my deepest wishes. What is that I most deeply long for. I asked this question during a ceremony but it is only now on writing this piece that the answer has dropped in. I long to be able to honour the quiet and often simple truth that sits in me. I long to be able to express myself, from this place, as truthfully and wholeheartedly as possible without limiting myself to avoid the disapproval of others.

      I have always had a tendency to withdraw, so desperately in fear of attracting criticism I sealed off my inner world from my outer one. Inwardly a venturer into world of the mind, discovering and releasing identities but outwardly in denial of this new found space. And yet I was wondering why I lacked passion and a sense of purpose in my life. I was simply too afraid to embrace a way of living that so went against everything that I had been conditioned to believe. Though it sounds perhaps far fetched, the truth was that I felt mortally threatened by the disfavour of others. And so I rarely spoke my deeper truth. I rarely told people what I truly thought. I held back and lived in the shadows of life. When the ayahuasca showed me the hell in my mind I was terrified. But then I moved through it. And it didn’t kill me. I survived and I now know it isn’t real. My expressions can no longer mortally threaten me.

      I am so incredibly grateful for these healing gifts. The power of working with Ayahuasca supported by such a dedicated Shaman duo of Pedro and Rossita has, I am convinced, saved me years of more traditional spiritual work in uncovering these unconscious beliefs and dissolving the associated emotional charges.

      The RFHC is a indeed set on sacred land. Despite being set in virgin rain forest I never felt in anyway threatened by the setting and the creatures that exist there. Bathing each day in the pure healing waters of a forest stream, being lulled to sleep by the forest symphony and witnessing the clarity of the stars in a place where ambient light is an unknown. Just 3 of many rich experiences that supported the unfolding of my healing journey at RFHC.

      None of this would have been possible without Omar, his connection to mother ayahuasca and that huge heart of his. The moment I looked into his eyes when we met in Iquitos prior to heading off I knew that I was in very good hands. He has no hesitation in putting you straight should you be heading off-course which is a blessing. Omar has built an excellent team or rather extended family of smiling, open hearted helpers including the lovely Junita who prepared the most delicious food you could hope for especially given that salt, oil, dairy and spices are off limits for the ayahuasca diet. Amongst his RFHC close family are one very cheeky and tactile orphaned capucchino monkey Zoe and a rescued Macaw called Mojo.

      Pedro, the ayahauscero with he milky blue eyes, displays an extraordinary level of dedication to serving participants. I’m not sure when he sleeps because he appeared in the middle of the night on several occasions with healing remedies and on ceremony nights he worked late into the night attending to our needs. Thank you Pedro!

      And Rossita, I cannot stop smiling when I catch sight of her. She’s been working with ayahuasca since she was 13, trained by her mother as she has trained her daughter and is training her grand children. Her Icaro’s dramatically opened the space of my experiences particularly when I was feeling challenged. Despite being in her years she seems to retain the purity and innocence of a young child along with the wisdom and stature that her long experience gives her. Thank you Rossita!

      Thank you Omar!!! for creating this incredible healing sanctuary, offering me your open heart and your friendship. And thank you to each of your team for their part in making the experience at RFHC such a success.

      Big Love


      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): August 2015
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    25. Ana Catarina Gracio Lopes Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

      There are not enough words to describe the experience that I lived through Mother Ayahuasca at CAA. You got to live it to feel it…And one thing I know for sure and I’ll sing it to the seven seas…it was definitely the best and most intense experience of my life 🙂
      How did I end up at CAA? I actually got lost, had a blackout and woke up there…hehe just kidding! Well, you can browse and research online for a long long time and you’ll find tons of different places with nice reviews that will leave you confused and indecisive about where to go…It is a life changing experience so there is a certain pressure about choosing the right place…and that’s why I waited forl the right moment and trust me, you’ll know when it comes 😉
      For years I had been hearing and reading articles about Ayahuasca, even Al Jazeera talked about it! Then one day, I saw that a friend of mine had posted pictures on his Facebook about Ayahuasca and his stay at CAA and I thought the world was gonna end! He’s one of the most logical and skeptical people I’ve ever met, so I contacted him straight away and we met. So this was the moment when I knew, where it felt right. He didn’t have to convince me to hard, everything he was saying was making perfect sense to me and next thing I knew, I followed my gut feeling and there I was on a airplane (actually 3) on my way to Iquitos and about to know the true meaning of unconditional love.
      He told me that I could trust the centre and everyone working there with my eyes wide shut and so I did. They make you feel like you belong there and their genuine interest in helping you is so obvious that only leaves space for you to focus on your healing and nothing else. Loved the fact that I was in the middle of the Amazon and surrounded by nature…you feel connected to everything and everybody…Food is amazing there and everything is done as natural as possible. The centre also doesn’t take more than 8 people for retreat which is great…
      When you decide to experience Ayahuasca is very important to feel safe and supported, as what you’ll be going through can be compared to the biggest and wildest rollercoaster. At CAA you always have hands to support you and be there for you at your darkest moment…I had and I’ll be eternally thankful for that…
      It’s not just a business, it’s a group of people trying to make the difference and genuinely helping us all in the best way they can. They also have the cutest and sweetest dog ever…beautiful Gaia…miss her so much 🙁 There’s also Luna, the cat, but I’m more of a dog person.
      I was very sad when I had to leave and come back to reality after 10 days…got in there with a heavy backpack (literally and figuratively) but left lighter than ever! I had never felt so much love and happiness like I felt there and many of my deep hounds were healed, specially my depression…obviously you are always learning and changing and healing is always needed throughout your life…otherwise we would all be perfect and I haven’t met anyone else who’s perfect besides me 😉 hehe joking again!
      I made a new family there that I know I’ll always be able to count on and we’ll be eternally connected, no matter where we’ll be. Don’t be afraid and follow your instinct…
      “The night is at its darkest just before the dawn”.

      • Alexey Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

        Chakra Allegria de Amor is a great retreat to have your healing. I was looking to do an isolation diet and it ticked all the boxes. Its got a perfect balance of comfort to closeness to the jungle. For example it does not have a nice pool, which no-one really needs, but each tambo has its own private stream to have a shower in. All tambos are isolated and you have to walk a 100 yards at least to get to one. Omar and Pedro do things as they should be done. Don’t expect spiritual tourism, expect proper healing.
        I was unsure about the place originally, but I met Omar in person in Iquitos and he suggested I go to the retreat that night, see everything for myself and then decide and pay if I am convinced.
        I ended up doing uchu sanango diet, probably one of the hardest ones. And Pedro looked after me for all these 8 days. I was unsure about Pedro at first but towards the end I realised that he is what a true healer should be — tough enough to fight the condition you have, but empathetic enough to provide the required support.
        The final ceremony was amazing. The medicine did not seem to work at all up until I thought the ceremony has ended. I thought Pedro fell asleep and that would be it. But in the end I have had the most powerful purge of my life and then I realised that Pedro was actually expecting it. He was visibly uplifted by what has happened and proud that the healing was complete. So don’t expect him to give up on you until you get what you came here for!

        • Henriett Braun Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

          I visited the Rainforest Healing Center last month and I had the most amazing, fulfilling, life-changing experience of my life. Although I did not know much about Ayahuasca and the healing center much, it surpassed my expectations. It is located deep in the virgin jungle away from the city which made it so much more intimate and authentic. The staff was very kind, the shaman was super helpful and the food was delicious. We cooked our own brew from the plants that grow on the territory so I had full trust in the healing benefits of the medicine. The day trip to the Amazon was the icing on the cake to make this trip memorable. I would definitely go back again and again and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

          • Dave Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

            I have recently returned from a 10 day retreat at Chakra Alegria, and it was everything I hoped it would be and much more. The rainforest is beautiful, and largely untouched, with great emphasis on respect for the environment, and sustainability. This is a truly authentic retreat, in the heart of the jungle, which adds so much to the experience. And the centre has been built for the right reasons. It is non profit, and run for the purpose of healing and helping others. Everyone I met was so loving and helfpul, and the whole thing was extremely well run. As for the ceremonies, they were done properly, with love and great protection all around. This is a place where you will be perfectly safe. The Shaman was the best I could have hoped for, he was the real thing in every respect.

            • Benjamin Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

              I very much liked the stay at Chakra Alegria de Amor which is managed by Omar. Is is located deep inn the Amazonian jungle and you have to hike to the place. I very much liked the jungle surroundings. The Ayahuasca brew is very potent.

              • Admin Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegria de Amor

                I had a very powerful stay/experience. The surroundings was intense for me, since I grew up in the city, and I really learned how to get out of my comfort zone. My ego found it really hard, but the results have been life changing for me in such a positive way. I learned so much during my stay, and even more when seeing it from a different perspective back in my familiar surroundings. If you want to grow, learn and face your fears, this is definitely the place to go! This place might not be for the faint-hearted.

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