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  • Munay Camp is a beautiful and private Amazonian campsite created for spiritual healing and inner exploration. Munay, which means “to love” in the native Quechua language, is a conservation project deep in the Ucayali Region of the Peruvian Amazon. Munay is devoted to providing an authentic experience of personal inner healing and self discovery. During your stay you may find that solitude is a spiritual gem to be explored, however there are plenty of opportunities to explore conversations among the guests and the loving staff. While enjoying your stay you can expect to experience solitude, reading, writing, meditation, music making, compassionate dialogue, and plenty of walking and swimming on the rustic trails and the beautiful river that run along and through the campsite. Many participants bring audio visual equipment to document their experience between the scheduled group events.

    When you arrive you will be pampered with an opening meal before beginning your healing diet. Your tambo will have a 5 gallon bottle of pure water for your 10 day stay. Wayusa leaves are provided each morning to be used in replacement of soap, deodorants, and tooth paste which are not allowed during the dieta. You can simply break some wayusa up in a glass of water and dip your tooth brush in it and rinse with the wayusa water when you are done. Meals are served at your tambo twice daily that will be free of fat, salt, sugar, or condiments. The methods observed at Munay are what the ancient curanderos did to heal their members out of disease. The campsite consists of a central service area with a kitchen, a large “Maloca“, or common area where the ayahuasca ceremonies are held, and 20 riverside tambos.

    Although couples are welcome, the tambos are single occupancy only for healing purposes. The tambos are located approximately 25 meters from each other with little or no visual contact between them. The staff members under the direction of the Don Jose are deeply devoted to making your journey with Munay safe, joyous, and deeply rewarding. You will leave Munay positively transformed in a manner that you may have never imagined possible.


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    Type of Accomodation: Fullboard


    How we ensure sustainability:

    Out of respect and obedience, Don José developed his Munay Preservation Project, a track of land in Bello Horizonte in the Ucayali region with capacity to plant 10 thousand ayahuasca and chacruna plants. About 2,000 plans are already growing in the project and will gradually expand with help from supporters and donations from around the world. Don José is very aware of his obligation to “grow back” the ayahuasca that he uses for his work.


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