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  • We provide a family setting in a comfortable and welcoming environment where people come to voluntarily use Ibogaine for both emotional, spiritual and physical detoxification. Iboga and ibogaine treatments are given at our detox centre in Spain and are used to treat various addictions and problems related to stress, trauma and mental health. Ibogaine is a derativative of Iboga which comes from a root bark that is found in the forests of the Gabon in Africa. There, it is used by the people native to the region in religious ceremonies. Ibogaine treatments have been shown to help chronic depression, stress, obsessive compulsive disorders and have been very effective in addiction treatments of all natures. Ibogaine allows heroin, cocaine and alcohol addiction interruption without withdrawal, it also converts to Nor-Ibogaine in the liver and is stored by the body as an extra support in the weeks after. This allows the addict to remain drug free for a period and allows space to escape from the patterns of drug use. What we would strongly recommend is that the addict prepares a program of support on their return in order to avoid the uptake of their addiction again. Addiction treatment is very successful in those who are self motivated to stop and who come voluntarily, not pushed by a friend or well meaning loved one. It is very important that you are prepared to make the change in your life that will take you away from addiction. Why Ibogaine ? Ibogaine detox treats withdrawal symptoms and interrupts addiction. It continues to help control cravings for 2 to 6 months and re balances the neuro chemistry in your brain. It is not addictive and does not need to be taken for prolonged periods. Ibogaine has been shown to interrupt addictions to Heroin, Methadone, and Prescription Opiates. It restores the levels of serotonin, dopamine and melatonin to the brain and stores in the liver as nor ibogaine which offers further protection from relapse. Ibogaine has been used successfully to treat Alcohol, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Nicotine addictions as it resets the dopamine uptake pathways and craving centers in the brain. It helps you work through past trauma, events that lead to addictive behaviors and so has been used to treat other disorders such as Depression, Childhood Trauma, PTSD, Compulsiveness, Bi-Polar Disorder, and OCD. Harambe does not operate in the traditional sense of an addiction clinic where there is client and staff. We provide a family setting in a comfortable and welcoming environment where people come to voluntarily use Ibogaine for both emotional, spiritual and physical detoxification. We provide a clean and safe place for you to experience Ibogaine so that you can make the changes that are necessary for you in your life. We have 10 years experience both using and providing others with the opportunity to experience Ibogaine. We understand the process of Ibogaine treatment from personal experience. We have been treating clients since 2004. Just as each client is different, so is each treatment. The body responds in different ways, so we adapt to each individual treatment.

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    Massage is a very important part of the detox process not only does it help to eliminate toxins from the body, but it produces endorphins and a feeling of well being in the patient. The practice of yoga is highly recommended for several reasons. The body will become stronger and more supple, the internal organs are massaged and strengthened and deep breathing is very beneficial in unlocking psychological trauma.

    Medicine information (content and method of preparation)

    Type of Medicine: Iboga
    Medicine content :


    Medicine preparation:

    -dried rot bark or Iboga extract

    Ceremony details

    Maximum number of participants in a ceremony: 5
    Place of ceremony: In a yurt in the mountains
    Props etc. used during the ceremony: Music

    Accomodation details

    Type of Accomodation:
    • Private
    • Shared
    • Fullboard
    More about the accomodation and food:

    Food will be provided from our garden and is all completely organic. We cook fresh meals every day and sit together to eat. Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies. Many people don’t feel hungry immediately after experiencing Ibogaine, so we start with light food such as fruit and vegetables, gradually building strength and appetite. We recommend fasting for overall health if the person is not too underweight.


    How we ensure sustainability:

    Iboga sourced from sustainable sources


    Do you welcome locals?: Yes
    Price range locals: 1650

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  • 5 Reviews on “Harambe Iboga Detox Centre”

    1. Mark Harambe Iboga Detox Centre

      Before I explain my experience at Harambe Detox Center, I would like to provide a bit of background on myself. I’m 25 years old, from the United States but currently living in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been a heroin addict for 8 years, starting at the young age of 16 and continuing steadily through until now. I first found out about Ibogaine three years ago and since then, I’ve gone to ClearSky in Cancun, Mexico as well as an individual provider in the Netherlands in order to undergo ibogaine treatment for my addiction. I never managed to fully kick my habit, as I found myself relapsing 6 months or so after each treatment.

      As many addicts can relate to, the process of gathering up financial and moral support to undergo something as expensive and complicated as ibogaine treatment is incredibly difficult. The longer an addict proves to be a problem, the less and less likely family members, friends, and loved ones want to help and support them. I found myself in this exact position recently as I fell into a hole of heavily using and retreating from my support structures. So when I finally came to my senses and realized that I needed a way out of my life of despair, I reconnected with my parents and friends and attempted to raise the money I needed for these expensive treatments. During this time, I encountered the Iboga Healing House, a seemingly professional looking facility run by Adam ##### and Edyta#####. Over the course of two weeks, I had numerous skype calls with them, got them a full medical work up and EcG examination, all at my expense and finally convinced my parents to support one last attempt at saving myself by utilizing ibogaine. Well, life seemed to have a different plan for me and I couldn’t have been better off for this turn of events.

      A mere hours before I was to book flights to the Iboga Healing House and pay them their fee, I get a message from them claiming that they no longer want to treat me and that their only reason for denying me treatment was because “they reserve the right to refuse treatment to any patients they feel they don’t want to treat.” I’m young, healthy, and was able to afford it in that moment, but with their refusal to treat me, the financial and moral support that I had worked so hard to get from my loved ones was stripped right out from underneath me.

      I was shocked and terrified that people claiming to be “healing providers” would treat a vulnerable addict in such a manner as this, and to this day they have said absolutely nothing in response to my numerous questions regarding why they refused me as a patient. Life had a different answer for me, just when I needed it though. In a frantic search, I came across the Harambe Detox Center in Valencia, Spain. They were immediately responsive and incredibly accommodating to my needs and scheduling and their fee for treatment expresses their sincere desire to help people, not monetize them. Upon arrival in Spain, I was taken care of in such a caring and understanding manner that I instantly felt at home at this beautiful plot of land in the countryside where you feel like you can honestly connect with yourself and your place within nature. Another thing you should really consider when deciding upon a ibogaine provider is simply what “kind” of ibogaine they are working with. Not all are the same and it’s very important to know what you are getting. They work with the strongest total alkaloid I have ever had the pleasure of taking and the results speak for themselves. Highly reliable and quality material which provides the best setting for a proper flood dose.

      I cannot express my sincere gratitude for Catherine and Bilal, they are exactly what you want in ibogaine care providers. They work together in a family home environment to provide a balanced and challenging environment where you are given the best set of conditions and tools to really work through your internal issues surrounding addiction. Bilal pushed me to fight through my weaknesses and forced me to become a stronger person for it; but not in a patronizing or demeaning way, but simply encouraging me to dig deeper into myself and my psychosis with what I believe I need. I initially resisted this advice, but I soon came to learn it’s importance and value in this recovery process. In the three times taking ibogaine prior to coming to Harambe, there was limited instruction or drive to the care providers. They just wanted us to be happy and didn’t really want to invest in learning about us and pushing us in specific ways about our personality. The environment at Harambe is the perfect place for those who are seeking a true and brutally honest look at themselves and why they are where they are and how to get up from there. I will be forever grateful to Catherine, Bilal and the kids. You all have shown me such compassion, respect, and joy that I will never forget the time I’ve spent here. Thank you.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): June 05, 2017
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    2. Claudia Harambe Iboga Detox Centre

      Hi, I would like to say a few words about my experiences at Harambe Detox. As you can see I put experiences in plural cause I went back so That means a lot I think. No words to had much! But it was for me so like anything else I’ve experience that I want to share. Firts I didn’t know much about Iboga when I firts arrived for my first time as I decided not to research it for my own sake. I was taking prescriptions pain killers-opiates and I was not doing good at all. I was very anxious. I made contact and book my trip and I was almost writing to Catherine every day. She was always very caring towards me and answering to all of my emails. ALL. They took care of me with such an open heart! I mean to take care of people you don’t know notting about, who most are addicts and who know’s what, to let them in your own house with your family, you have to want to help people in life! If not you don’t do that. It is a vocation, not anything else. I arrived at night time and not doing well, in withdrawals and very cold. It was going in and noticing;” Ok Claudia, you arrived to a good place, youll be taking care off, let go” Kind of a feeling. Bilal took care of me right away, made sure I was getting hot by the fire place. Then he gave me the test dose and like 30 minutes later the withdrawals stopped. That was a miracle to me!! Cause in my youth Ive experience with full blown withdrawals and I know waht Im talking about! A miracle! Then he gave me the flood dose and I went to lie down. Catherine came to my room after and lied on the bed next to me. I ask her why and she told me it was to make sure I was ok. Iboga started to come to me and I was prepared. I wanted it. And it was amazing. Like nothing Ive ever done before. When I came out of it I was ok. No w/d and another miracle! I did as I was told. Because they are the one who knows, not me. And anyhow, Iboga wants you to LIE DOWN!!! There was other people at the house also, a lady with her brother. And I saw how they took care of all of us. In the same way. No differences made. Food was delicious and offered when it was the time to start to eat if one wanted too. Nothing was ever impose. Music was played and it felt very nice to me! Im still asking for my Harambe playlist!!! The surroundings are beautiful. It is very calm at the house. But maybe for some it can’t sound different cause there is life during the day! And also Iboga makes your ears super sensitive so you might think you ear stuff that aren’t even there. I can affirm that cause I went back in february for a doble dose. And it was a total different experience. Firts because my body didn’t have to battle the drugs and second cause experiences are never the same! And they took great care of me again. They know me now but they treat me ecually. And can only applaud what they do. Helping people. And they know what they do. And they do it perfectly for me. For Iboga treatment, you want to be in good, gentle, profesional and loving hands. If your thinking of doing Iboga, don’t hesitate and contact them. Then go. Go and see for yourself. It is an amazingly tough and transformable journey! Thanks Catherine and Bilal for beeing there for me, for taking care of me and for all that you do!

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): November 2016/february 2017
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    3. Jan Stevens Harambe Iboga Detox Centre

      Open letter to anyone who maybe interested in going to see Bilal and Cathy at Harambe detox centre in Spain .
      My name is Jan . I am a 52 year old woman. I decided to take the plunge and try ibogaine for help with clinical depression .
      To cut along story short I was originally diagnosed with a chemical imbalance in the brain . I was told I needed to take anti-depressents as my brain was not able to make serotonin. As a result I have spent over 16 years on different pills at various strengths .
      I decided on Harambe as I liked the idea of a husband and wife team. And a family setting. It felt like it would be more relaxed and natural . Less like a clinic I suppose.
      I read their reviews including one bad one. Which didn’t put me off. After nearly 10 years of providing ibogaine one bad review was nothing in my book. and it felt right. Also ,somehow I found that bad review sort of comforting as it wasn’t too perfect ( if that makes sense) I had also read Bilals response to it and weighed up the arguments. So felt totally confident about going to harambe.
      After exchanging a few e-mails . I asked for advice regarding diet etc.
      I decided to throw my self whole heartedly into preparing my body ready for the plant medicine. I lost two stone in weight . Did the Healthy food and exercise bit and got off the pills.
      This was ok for a while but I started to suffer as I was pill free but going down hill fast mentally. Cathy and Bilal very kindly let me bring my date (originally for November ) forward to September. I was so gratefull .They where fab and so accommodating.
      Cathy picked me up from the airport. I instantly loved her. And felt really at ease. Cathy is warm , kind ,intelligent and good fun .
      Cathy made me a magnesium flush the night I arrived so I would be ready to take the ibogaine the next day.
      Bilal gave me the test dose. Then after a while I was given the flood dose. After an hour or so I started to feel light headed and had a buzzing sensation in my ears. ( bit like a mosquito or electric fan heater sound)
      I went to my room which was clean and tidy with fresh white linen on the bed. The room was spacious and airy with an en-suite. Including a bath and shower.
      I lay down on the bed Bilal made sure it was dark so the light didn’t bother me. Gave me an eye mask. Then left . I felt fine as I knew the family where only a few yards away. And I was comforted by the sounds of family life . Bilal offered to keep any noise down to a minimum . But I insisted he didn’t bother as I wanted to hear them close by. Although I don’t even remember any noise at all really.
      Soon after, I started to “dream” with my eyes open . I saw neon bright coloured lights in lines and a fresco of lizards. When I zoomed in I saw the lidards had paint brushes and where painting the fresco its self. ( when I got home I looked up lizard on spirit/totem animal sites and it talked about the lucid dreamer being regenerated and healing. Also that we create our own life and find our own purpose. (Apt I thought)
      I also saw a face come out of the wall coming backwards and forwards towards my face . But I didn’t feel unnerved by it it looked like a male face . And that’s all I remember really.i didn’t throw up at all. Neither did I feel sick. ( because I did the diet.and knew to stay still)
      Once it was over I called for Bilal who assisted me in getting up and walking me to the lounge and outside for some air. Then he helped me back to bed. I felt very touched by Bilals empathy and the care and sensitivity he showed . I felt safe and respected.
      To my mind Bilal and Cathy provide an important service especially for people like me who are are at their wits end and just want their life back.They do what they can ,healing the world, one person at a time. And they are quite cheaply priced compared to most providers. No money exchanged hands until I got there. They never even asked for money or even half up front. That went along way with me.These are good and honourable people. Down to earth and fair.
      I was saddened to hear that Bilal and his children experienced racism . But impressed by his dedication to continue to help heal in spite of small minded bigotry . ( which must wear a person down.) A top bloke . Seriously.
      i am hoping to go back and do this ibogaine again within a year. ( just to be totally sure.) As for food and water . I didn’t feel hungry or thirsty the whole time. Strange really because you would think that would be the case after that length of time.
      Within a week of being home I got better each day. People around me have noticed a definite shift in me. My energy levels have improved and so has my mind set . I also liked the way my mind felt clear and unburdened. At peace if you will.
      I have no hesitation in recommending these providers to anyone. I wouldn’t personally consider going anywhere else.
      Big thanks to the sacred plant iboga and of course Cathy and Bilal their two adorable children and Bilals son Ebou who was a star.
      Good luck and love and light to all those who are in search of healing.
      Jan xx

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 26/09/16
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    4. George Harambe Iboga Detox Centre

      I came here with my friend who was the addict. He had been through every detox you can think of and his family were at the last chance. He came not having really prepared the way he should have with the diet and dose reduction, but Bilal was not disturbed by this and began to prepare him accordingly. This meant some delay in the treatment but it is better to be safe first. My friend was grumpy and negative and he did not think it was working, but on the 6th day, he started to feel everything lift and was able to get out of bed. I have to say, they did not have to accept me there but there was no other way to get my friend there and they treated me as one of the family. they are very light hearted people and the atmosphere is very happy, they are always laughing, Bilal is loud and full of confidence, but you cannot be scared and and mousy when you are dealing with addicts as they are very manipulative. Good job, my friend is still clean and feels great, thanks guys.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 07/02/2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
    5. Alex Harambe Iboga Detox Centre

      About Harambe Detox experience, review,

      I had some expectations about this experience that were unmatched.

      First a brief description. The place is a approximately 150m2 house, with an indoor patio, surrounded by orange tree fields, hills, the highway a few hundred meters away and a quarry on the distance. Found at the end of an exit from the highway a few kilometers from the nearest city Llíria and 15 minutes car ride from the nearest Hospital.
      There are 5 people total at the house, Cathy and Bilal wife and husband of the family, and three children of approximately 16, 8 and 3 years old.

      Next a note about Iboga. While on it, sound, light and mood felt sensible compared to off it. I expected my attention to be focused on the healing process, nothing else. Many unmatched expectations derive from this.

      Examples. A few things that conflicted with my expectations.

      I vomited during the session. The bucket wasn’t changed nor cleaned for three days until I cleaned it.

      The was no use of a heart monitor during the session. There was a misunderstanding during the skype call I had with Cathy. I understood my heart would be monitored throughout the session. This reassured me as I understood that had something unusual happen to my heart rate some sort of alarm would go off. I was scared to go to sleep, worrying I might have some heart problem and it would go unnoticed. I was checked every 30 minutes by Bilal entering into the room asking if I was okay. My heart rate was taken at one point at the beginning of the trip with a blood pressure monitor.

      The overall mood at the house felt unpleasant, tense, silent, unsettling. I felt Cathy and Bilal don’t get along and that creeping out on the mood. Heard a few low voice argues, and some higher tone ones. I expected a different mood and setting. Didn’t felt embraced or at ease, rather alone and worried.

      As kids live there, there was way more noise at the house than expected. The young ones as they are developing their vocal chords tended to high pitch shout throughout the days. Kids to do that I expected. Kids doing that there at that time I did not. Sometimes kids were taken out, sometimes they were told to stop. Sometimes they did stop, sometimes not. I asked a few times this subject to be addressed. I expected a different quality of the environment

      After two days without eating I felt starving. If Cathy wasn’t home, which happened a few times, food wasn’t available. Bilal did not provide any. I stood up still halfway down the trip to find something to eat and wasn’t helped by Bilal. Opened the fridge and didn’t find much to eat. The kitchen seemed quite dirty, as did the fridge. Decided to take some cereal, and the milk brick I took was rotten, withe the consistency of a yogurt and solid chunks, quite unpleasant. Didn’t felt like I was being taken care of.
      Later on I was provided a meal. To my surprised it had spicy on it. With an empty stomach and after vomiting I suspected spicy food would favor stomach ache. It didn’t happened and at the same time the believe that I wasn’t being taken care of kept growing.

      I felt I had to keep pushing to be attended and my attention kept switching from the healing process.

      There’s no communicator or ring or bell to call Cathy or Billal while lying in bed. I shouted to be attended. I see a small electronic device making communication more effective effortless.

      I was given the test dose by Bilal while Cathy was away. At some point being on the trip I hear Bilal leaving the house shouting on the phone, “… but he’s already taken one!,,,”`. Sometime later Cathy arrives on a hurry and gives me the next dose. I felt there was I lack of communication between them.

      The service provided by Bilal I rate very poor. I feel his behaviour as rude, unemphathetic, irresponsible, unrespectful, forgetsome, noisy. Yelling, listening to music on the next room without headsets despite having ones and me asking for it. Paying liitle attention to costumer needs, arguing, imperative kind of statements, use of blaming to deviate responsaility.
      After a few days an argue sparked between us, me saying something like “man you are yellling all the time, please stop yelling”.

      I received no psychological guidance, which I believe I could benefit from. I don’t feel I worked on my emotions, feelings, past events… I don’t feel the experienced allowed me to resolve… I felt quite the same, frustrated.

      I felt calm after moving to the wood cabin outsite the house. It was quite. Cried a bit, and felt like doing some of the work. Less anxious and worried that at the house.

      During the days I stayed there (5 days) I didn’t find much to do. There was no internet connection, and no signal on my phone. No nearby beautiful places.

      I left a day earlier.

      I spoke with a couple of people who had gone to Harambe before me, and was given positive reviews about the experience, particularly about their resultant mood after the trip and the cease of the drug abuse.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 15/06/2016
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes
      1. Bilal Post authorHarambe Iboga Detox Centre

        Hi Alex I am sorry that your experience was not as you expected, I would like to address some of the points that you made. We do not offer a medical setting for iboga, this was clearly stated to you and also on our website. We measured your blood pressure, and pulse, you had a very good reading and the readings from your tests were excellent, you are not a high risk case and normally monitoring is very off putting for people who are going through the trip. Indeed you did not want Bilal to even open the door to check that you were ok, you shouted at him to go away every time. Many people imagine that things are going on, different from reality, low voices talking is trying to keep the noise down and is not a sign of arguing. It is not uncommon for people to have auditory hallucinations, some people think that there is a full on party, others hear arguments, it is part of the trip. Normal conversation can sound like arguments, this is in your head not reality. it says more about your state of mind and can bring to the foreground things that have happened in your past, maybe like family arguments in your childhood for example.

        The noise of the baby crying was actually a kid goat who was only a month old at the time, this can sound like a real baby, but I take the kids out during the first 24 hours as much as possible in order to give you peace. Normally the first 24 hours is the most sensitive, after that it is unreasonable to expect that the house is deathly silent or that the kids cannot talk as it is a family home as stated on the website. No place is completely silent on earth! If you do not like kids then I really cannot do anything about it.

        About food, no one should not eat during the trip, you admit that you were tripping when you went in the kitchen so your memory is not really reliable. My kitchen is not dirty, the whole house gets cleaned by a cleaner twice a week so I am satisfied that it was clean. The food that you were given is also food that the baby ate so not really spicy at all, Bilal also does not like spicy food as he has allergies. After that I made you food that you requested, vegetable soup, stir fries, rice dishes and fruit. Your vomit was cleared away promptly, we do not leave vomit sitting in buckets for 3 days at all, we clean the buckets immediately after the person has used them.

        When Bilal tried to attend you, you shouted at him to be left alone, when I attended to you, which I did, you asked for food and were given it, you were not rude to me, but you were very aggressive with Bilal. Bilal did not ring me to say that he had given the test dose, again things get very distorted on the trip and it is not a pleasant experience. It was clear to Bilal and I that it was him you had the problem with, this is not something that can easily be changed, if you do not like someone then you dont like them and that is that. The area is beautiful, but much has been burned by a large fire which was 3 years ago. Most people who come find it beautiful, I dont know where you live or what you are used to but that is a question of taste. Anyway you could not walk outside as the light was too sensitive for your eyes.

        Finally I Have to say that ibogaine is not for everyone, some people hate the experience, I never said it would be like a happy trip, it isn’t. Like you mention, you spoke with others before coming, who had taken iboga here, they told you how good they feel and also how they got on well with us. Maybe the lesson you should take is if you are rude and shout at people in any situation then you will not make the experience pleasant for yourself or anyone else.

        I am sorry iboga did not bring you peace, this is an internal process not external and pointing the blame and attacking is not helping you. There are reasons why you feel negative and due to client confidentiality I will not divulge those reasons, but I hope you manage to find some kind of closure in your life as you grow into a man. Peace and blessings.

        • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): 16/02/2016
        • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes

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