• Fidel Andi


    León Fidel Andy Grefa Fidel Andy was born in 1966 on the river island La Soga in the outskirts of Tena, Ecuador, where he still lives and practices. He began his training with both his grandfathers at the age of six, learning about healing energies and medicinal plants. Soon he read more

  • Maestro Wilmer


    Maestro Wilmer was born in the Comunidad Nuevo Oriente de Chanahow, two hours from Pucallpa along the Ucayali River. As Sulmira’s son, he was born to the same family lineage of Shipibo curandismo and when he was 16 he drank Ayahuasca for his first time with his Grandfather, Melkiades. Maestro read more

  • Maestra Sulmira Vela


    Maestra Sulmira is from the village of Natural de Marumashu – Padre Marces, in Loreto, Peru. This is one day from Pucallpa by boat. It is common for Shipibo curandero traditions to be passed through family lineages, and along with herself, her father passed his healing knowledge to Sulmira’s sister, read more

  • Jorge Lopez Pinedo


    Maestro Jorge was born in the village of Dos Unidos de Pachiteya Rio, eight hours by boat from Pucallpa. Maestro Jorge worked for 21 years as a Shipibo curandero out of his home, where he was living with his family.  In 2012, he went to Temple of the Way of read more

  • Marc Shackman (Kumooja Banyan Tree)


    MARC SHACKMAN (KUMOOJA BANYAN TREE) HEART ENERGY MEDICINE CO-FOUNDER AND CEO Marc received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil & Building Engineering from Loughborough University, England in 2002 and worked for various global construction projects for over 4 years. Then after embracing and finally having the courage to follow his read more

  • Jan Rostlinka


    Jan Rostlinka was born in the Czech republic, before he moved to Ecuador in 2008. Since then, he has been studying medicinal plants and traditional healing practices with different tribes of the Amazon and apprenticed in several lineages of healers, notably with Luis Andi Grefa (Napo, Ecuador) and Mateo Arevalo Mainas (Ucayalí, Peru). Jan also apprenticed read more

  • Don Ramon Alvarado


    Don Ramon is a Napo Runa (kichwa) traditional healer or yachak, “the one who knows”. From his childhood, he has been trained by his grandfather and his in the use of plants such as tobacco, datura and Ayahuasca. During his apprenticeship, he received energies from his teachers entered into a read more

  • Chaman José Luis Diaz


    Chamán Huottösa (Piaroa) José Luis Diaz, born in Los Pijiguaos, Caño Pendare, Bolívar state, Venezuela. Shaman Jose Luis Diaz is a traditional medicine man, a Piaroa Master Shaman (Meñe ruwa – “singing healer”) that comes from a long lineage of spiritual healers, recognized by his people (community of Caño Pendare) read more

  • Director/Facilitator


    Bovenga Na Muduma is the kombo, or Nganga name, of Robert Payne. His recovery from nearly 20 years of self-destruction occurred in 2006. With ibogaine treatment Bovenga had his first spiritual event, and a new life began. By 2008 he was apprentice to Rocky at Awakening in the Dream House, read more