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  • Amrit is from Israel and Nicole is from South Africa and together they have been studying medicine for 15 years. From first encounters with the Medicine a deep connection and appreciation was made and were instantly brought onto this path.

    We both began our spiritual quest already in our teenage years- not knowing exactly what we were looking for, only driven by some yearning for knowledge, for truth, for connection to Source...This quest sent us travelling in the world, getting to know different people and cultures and forms of spirituality.

    After being in India for a period of years, we moved to the forest of Brazil where we helped build the foundation of a medicine communtity. Here did our aprenticeship with the Medicine Spirit and Teacher both in self-journeying as well as already being in service.

    After our first Medicine child was born, Existence brought us to Israel to begin a new life. Here we received the allowance and protection from the Spirit to share our connection and channeling of the Sacred Medicine Way with others. Together with a beautiful group of friends the Sound of Light Circle manifested. During our 4 years living in Israel we held ceremonies twice a month. We did alot of very deep and beautiful work with the Medicine in Israel.

    Sound of Light is about being a Circle. We do not appear to entertain or influence anyone. We are reflecting in ceremony what we experience in life. We are here to support one another and raise our human frequency higher.

    Our dream to live as a medicine community with others and grow the sacred plants brought us back to the Forest, to Costa Rica. This is a peaceful, beautiful and nature-abundant country. Here we are currently establishing the Gateway to the Forest, a forest community and retreat center for the Healing Arts for brothers and sisters on their spiritual search. It is a place where a person can make his/her ayahuasca journey in the nature, in a soothing and healing environment.

    In the Ceremonial work, Amrit Vismay guides the group through the ritual of the Ceremony through his understanding and channeling of the various vibrations of Light through the frequencies of Sound. Playing guitar and singing with devotion he navigates us over the waves. Netaya Nicole attends to preserving the sacred and mystic space of the Ceremony and watches over the participants and tends to their needs. Together with other friends we are supporting the Circle and each one's personal journey in receiving the Divine Teachings.

    The Circle is forever growing and changing. We invite others to share their wisdom and gifts. Many talented musicians, healers and teachers (form this world and others) accompany us on our journeys.

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    Type of medicine:
    • Ayahuasca
    • Peyote
    Preparation: Preparing the Medicine in the traditional Santo Daime way. The preparation of the brew is done in a sacred intentional way, with awareness, humbleness and love.
    Medicine content: Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis Caapi) and Chacruna (Psychotria Viridis)


    Do you use any props during the ceremony?: Musical instruments
    Do you welcome locals?: Yes


    Type of accomodation:
    • Private
    • Shared


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