• Fidel Andi


    León Fidel Andy Grefa Fidel Andy was born in 1966 on the river island La Soga in the outskirts of Tena, Ecuador, where he still lives and practices. He began his training with both his grandfathers at the age of six, learning about healing energies and medicinal plants. Soon he Read more [...]

  • Jan Rostlinka


    Jan Rostlinka was born in the Czech republic, before he moved to Ecuador in 2008. Since then, he has been studying medicinal plants and traditional healing practices with different tribes of the Amazon and apprenticed in several lineages of healers, notably with Luis Andi Grefa (Napo, Ecuador) and Mateo Arevalo Mainas (Ucayalí, Peru). Jan also apprenticed Read more [...]

  • Sebastien Cazaudehore – Ayahuasca Ecuador


    Sebastien is one of our 3 chamans at the Devas Ayahuasca center in Ecuador Sébastien Cazaudehore : Anthropologist (PhD at the University of Queensland - Australia), founded the Hamadryade Lodge (www.hamadryade-lodge.com), Pratician of shamanic and energetic medecine (magnetism). Taught at the FLMNE (Faculté libre de Médecine Naturelles et d'Ethnomédecine) in Energetic Medecine and Magnetism, Read more [...]

  • Don Ramon


    Don Ramon is a Napo Runa (kichwa) traditional healer or yachak, "the one who knows". From his childhood, he has been trained by elders of his family and other shamans to be a healer who uses Ayahuasca as a tool for conducting healing rituals or cleansings (limpias). His training enabled Read more [...]

  • Don Luis Andi Yachac


    At 59 years old, he is a highly respected shaman (Yachac Curaca-wise), with a legacy passed down by his ancestors. Don Luis and his family have also acquired knowledge from 25 leading scholars of traditional medicine from different cultures in this region, Ecuador, and Peru. With experience of energy practices, Read more [...]