• Director/Facilitator


    Bovenga Na Muduma is the kombo, or Nganga name, of Robert Payne. His recovery from nearly 20 years of self-destruction occurred in 2006. With ibogaine treatment Bovenga had his first spiritual event, and a new life began. By 2008 he was apprentice to Rocky at Awakening in the Dream House, read more

  • Shane Mugford


    My name is Shane Mugford. I am the founder of ICS and the ICS Iboga Programs. I want to tell you a bit about myself, my belief systems, why ICS works, and why it exists today. I am of Inuit status under the Nunatsiavut Government of Newfoundland & Labrador. I read more

  • Moughenda


    Moughenda’s primary mission is to spread the healing of the Iboga root to the Western World. Together with his close family and his center, Iboga House, he uses his traditional African Bwiti Shamanic skills and the Full Iboga Root to provide safe, comfortable and life changing detoxification, Psycho-Spiritual exploration, traditional read more