• Jan Rostlinka


    Jan Rostlinka is 35 years old natural medicine practitioner of Slavic descent born in Czech republic. For past 10 years, he has been living and practicing the Ayahuasca medicine in Ecuador, Peru and Mexico. Married into a family of a respected kichwa shaman in Napo, Ecuador, Jan is living with his read more

  • Chaman José Luis Diaz


    Chamán Huottösa (Piaroa) José Luis Diaz, born in Los Pijiguaos, Caño Pendare, Bolívar state, Venezuela. Shaman Jose Luis Diaz is a traditional medicine man, a Piaroa Master Shaman (Meñe ruwa – “singing healer”) that comes from a long lineage of spiritual healers, recognized by his people (community of Caño Pendare) read more

  • Director/Facilitator


    Bovenga Na Muduma is the kombo, or Nganga name, of Robert Payne. His recovery from nearly 20 years of self-destruction occurred in 2006. With ibogaine treatment Bovenga had his first spiritual event, and a new life began. By 2008 he was apprentice to Rocky at Awakening in the Dream House, read more

  • Miguel San Martin Lansbergen


    Miguel does his ceremonies in Rotterdam He prefers small groups with an maximum of eight people. He does also ceremonies outside of his place for larger groups as it seems.   I had an awesome time with this healer. he is an great person and personality. He does his icaro's read more

  • Kambo Spirit


    We offer traditional, shamanic Kambo / Sapo Healing, Cleanse and Treatments from the UK and invite anyone to experience this amazing jungle medicine. With many years experience working with Kambo our treatments are safe and effective for anyone looking to realign life balance and wellness of being. Our treatments are read more

  • Amrit Vismay and Netaya Nicole


    Amrit is from Israel and Nicole is from South Africa and together they have been studying medicine for 15 years. From first encounters with the Medicine a deep connection and appreciation was made and were instantly brought onto this path. We both began our spiritual quest already in our teenage read more

  • Alyssan Balmforth


    Alyssan first participated in an ayahuasca ceremony in 2005 and knew at once that this was her destiny as a healer and musician. She has since studied with master curanderos Antonio Fernandini, Edinson Panduro, Alonso del Rio and Leonardo Inuma. She both partners her husband, Loyver, in his ceremonies and read more

  • Sparrow


    Ethnobotanist Jonathon Miller Weisberger, known among friends as "Sparrow," is an enthusiastic storyteller whose extensive and knowledgeable understanding of rainforest medicinal flora and indigenous life and world view is unique. A rainforest conservation advocate, he has collaborated in ethnobotanical studies with five distinct indigenous communities and tribes in the Ecuadorian read more