• Master Shaman Christian Gearhart


    Master Shaman and Camp Facilitator. A U.S. Navy Veteran, Christian first began using shamanic practice with Blue Morpho in 2007, seeking relief from lifelong depression. Christian continued his healing work with us as a guest until January 2011, when he accepted his shamanic calling and became a member of the Blue read more

  • Master Shaman Malcolm Rossiter


    Malcolm Rossiter: Master Shaman and General Manager. Malcolm  has been working with people in the health, nutrition, fitness and spiritual well-being industries for over two decades. Now at Blue Morpho he combines his years of experience with his love and dedication to the Ayahuasca medicine. In 2006 he started traveling the read more

  • Don Julio Llerena Pinedo


    Don Julio Llerena Pinedo: Master Shaman and medicinal plant expert. Julio passed away in 2007 at the age of 89. Before passing, he pledged his alliance to the lineage and the mesa. Don Alberto received the inheritance of Julio’s medicine and guides ceremonies in accordance to the 35-year pact of read more

  • Maestro Don Alberto Torres Davila


    Alberto Torres Davila: Master Shaman and medicinal plant expert. Alberto leads ayahuasca ceremonies, and shamanic healing. He has over 40 years as a spiritual healer and over 4,000 Ayahuasca ceremonies in his collective experience. He began his healing path at the age of 8 under the constant guidance of his grandfather, read more

  • Maestro Hamilton Souther


    Hamilton Souther: Master Shaman and Founder of Blue Morpho. Hamilton focuses his work on Universal Spiritual Philosophy and Mysticism. He is bilingual in English and Spanish, has a Bachelors degree in Anthropology, and has studied shamanism in California, Cusco, and the Amazon. Hamilton was given the title of Master Shaman by read more

  • Ayahuasca Retreats and Spirit Healing Center


    Ayahuasca Retreats and Spirit Healing Center is a traditional shamanic Ayahuasca Healing Center specialized in Ayahuasca Retreat, Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Dieta Ayahuasca and Ayahuasca Healing guided by Ayar, traditional professional Ayahuasca Shaman of the peruvian Amazon. THE SIGNIFICATION OF AYAHUASCA Ayahuasca is a software, a program, a science. If this program read more

  • Sebastien Cazaudehore – Ayahuasca Ecuador


    Sebastien is one of our 3 chamans at the Devas Ayahuasca center in Ecuador Sébastien Cazaudehore : Anthropologist (PhD at the University of Queensland - Australia), founded the Hamadryade Lodge (www.hamadryade-lodge.com), Pratician of shamanic and energetic medecine (magnetism). Taught at the FLMNE (Faculté libre de Médecine Naturelles et d'Ethnomédecine) in Energetic Medecine and Magnetism, read more

  • Guillermo Arévalo


    Guillermo’s Story At the age of 24, after two years of deep reflection, Guillermo Arévalo decided to renounce his job as a recovery room nurse and enter the field of shamanism. Moved by a profound desire to understand the shamanic tradition of his people, he chose to go deep into read more

  • Shane Mugford


    My name is Shane Mugford. I am the founder of ICS and the ICS Iboga Programs. I want to tell you a bit about myself, my belief systems, why ICS works, and why it exists today. I am of Inuit status under the Nunatsiavut Government of Newfoundland & Labrador. I read more

  • Hermanosis


    "We are all Hermanosis" is an Association for Human Development based in Madrid, a proposal founded by Claudio Kutzwor, Nacho Cano (Nak) and Esteban Kutzwor, which together and through seeking spiritual values promote and enhance connectivity, development and meeting projects of all dimensions of personal and community existence through spiritual, read more