• Shane Mugford


    My name is Shane Mugford. I am the founder of ICS and the ICS Iboga Programs. I want to tell you a bit about myself, my belief systems, why ICS works, and why it exists today. I am of Inuit status under the Nunatsiavut Government of Newfoundland & Labrador. I Read more [...]

  • Hermanosis


    "We are all Hermanosis" is an Association for Human Development based in Madrid, a proposal founded by Claudio Kutzwor, Nacho Cano (Nak) and Esteban Kutzwor, which together and through seeking spiritual values promote and enhance connectivity, development and meeting projects of all dimensions of personal and community existence through spiritual, Read more [...]

  • Sacred Ceremony


    So many of us are feeling the calling, ready for a shift… Plant medicine teachers like Ayahuasca and San Pedro are increasingly finding their way to the Western world and can provide a window of possibility for discovering a new balanced way of living and coming back in touch with Read more [...]

  • Agusto Gomez & Ercilia Flores


    Agusto & Ercilia are native Shipibo.  As husband and wife, they have both been practicing curanderismo for the last few decades.  They are both from the Contamana region along the Ucayali River.  Their vast knowledge in medicinal plants lends itself towards great healing and transformation at Nimea Kaya.  They both Read more [...]

  • Don Ramon


    Don Ramon is a Napo Runa (kichwa) traditional healer or yachak, "the one who knows". From his childhood, he has been trained by elders of his family and other shamans to be a healer who uses Ayahuasca as a tool for conducting healing rituals or cleansings (limpias). His training enabled Read more [...]

  • Maestro Segundo Mishimao


    Segundo Mishimao was born at the boarder between Peru' and Brasil by a Brasilian mother and Peruvian father, his grandfather was a respected shaman with links to the Matses tribe, he was one of the first people to introduce Kambo/Sapo to Peru', a tradition that was carried on by Segundo Read more [...]

  • Reyna Luz Edery Flores


    Born in Santa Rosa, Ucayali, Reyna has been working with ayahuasca and other medicinal plants for the last 25 years.Her strong, but gentle leadership of the ceremony has a feeling of being embraced by a Mother. Reyna is famous for her uniquely beautiful icaros and  loving energy.

  • Don Howard Lawler


    on Howard is the founder and facilitator of Peruvian SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants, innovative traditional retreats and pilgrimages exploring the deepest roots of traditional Peruvian shamanism, and focusing on holistic healing, personal transformation, and realization of ancient shamanic spiritual truth. His professional background in biology, ecology, ethnobiology, environmental education, Read more [...]

  • Ricardo Tsakimp


    Ricardo Tsakimp  is Uwishin, which means "shaman" in Shuar language. 57-year-old is the founder of the Association of the Shuar shamans. He worked several years in the Department of Intercultural Health Provinciale (DPSI) and continues to work with the Department of Traditional Medecine Shuar in Sucua.