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  • Sayre Tupac is an internationally recognised authority on the use of the medicinal and informational plants of Peru, and he has studied and worked with the traditions of Ancient Andean Wisdom and the Consciousness Plants for almost 40 years. He is the holder of the lineage of Sayre Tupac, one of the last Incas of Peru.

    His first introduction to the San Pedro cactus came at the young age of 13 and he intuitively knew how to prepare the cactus after finding it in the desert outside of Lima and took it home to his mother's kitchen. He was on a path of self-discovery and teaching from a very young age already and the resulting experience just reinforced the direction that was planned for his life.

    He is a leading voice in raising awareness for the preservation and cultural use of indigenous medicines as well as in preserving ancient traditions of indigenous communities in Peru. In addition he is a master in martial arts, a surfer and also a learned authority on Peruvian local geography, ecology, culture, politics and folklore. He has lectured extensively around the globe on Ancient Wisdom Traditions and he guides people on journeys of self-discovery through developing awareness and midnfullness in the Sacred Valley and throughout the world.

    After attending a British school in Lima he received his Degree in Economy from the University of Lima. In recent years his interest has moved towards Quantum Economics and the Economy of Wellness. He is a philanthropist and the founder of IAPICC (The International Association for the Preservation of Indigenous and Contemporary Cultures) and TAPPT (The Association for the Preservation of Peruvian Textiles).

    He spent 15 years working with different Shamans and Curanderos in the Northern Coast of Peru as well as the Ayahuaskeros of the Pucallpa and Tarapoto regions. He specifically went to the Himalayas to receive oral transmissions from the different schools of the Tibetan Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions. He focused primarily on transmissions from the lineage of the Masters of Enchantment, being initiated into these by Lama Dorje Rinpoche, Tsering Sangmo and Desmondkapa. During the 2 years he spent in India he also received transmissions from the Hindu Goroknath lineage.

    Sayre has an innate ability to cut through dogmatic interpretations of ancient wisdom, and so convey the information accessible from the Consciousness Plants to participants in a clear, concise and understandable modern language. He has developed methods to concisely reveal the innate message of the ancient wisdom traditions to show the universal nature of their wisdom as the inherent nature of the mind, combining them into one global understanding.

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    1. Amphi Sayre Tupac

      An exceptional experience, cutting through any duality and getting straight to the primordial wisdom within. A safe and secure environment from which to explore the different layers of consciousness that San Pedro and Ayahuasca allows one to access.

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