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Shaman Or Facilitator Category: AyahuascaShaman Or Facilitator Tags: ayahuasca, Sweatlodge, Teacherplants, and Visionquests

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  • Arts of Wholeness,

    Working with Ayahuasca, Sweatlodge and Visionquests and the combination with other body-spirit related healingtechniques and their workers.

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    Information about the shaman/facilitator

    Experience explained:

    My journey starts at the age of 18 months. This is where I die in a tragic accident and am being brought back to life by my mother a second time. This event has had such an impact on my entire being that goes beyond all imagination. Everyhing changed, and for me there was no after death experience... i was to small a child to coop with it. But I managed to get along and grew up with no recollection of my earliest years. But with an ever growing feeling of being totally not who I was supposed to be. And so I started on my inner journey after leaving home 23 years ago. Did all kinds of spiritual formations from Reiki to Yoga and back. 20 years ago entered my first years training in Shamanism in Belgium( my land of birth). This opened up the doors to all that is now. It is then that I entered my first sweatlodge and found Home... In the years that followed I maintaned part time regular jobs, and spent free time in my spirit-quest. In the year 2000 I became part of Alcyone( N.P.O) and we organised a ceremony for Native American Medicine man S. Mc Cullough and this changed my whole view on healing.. This ceremony, a lowanpi, was so powerful that i became singer and drummer for supporting this man and his work. Until this day I am still connected with this Medicine altar and the work of this Great Man. I learned about healing, prayer, the sweatlodge and Visionquests here. In 2003 I was called by the Ayahuasca and went without thinking, reading about it. It opened the door to an intense connection. I met the mother of my kids, who was working with the plant and started assisting her. I got involved with the work and teaching of her teacher, the late French medicinewoman Hema'a Drolma Mata. For 2 years I was part of her team, did diets with her and ceremonies. Went to the Amazon to Meet Hema'a connection there, Daniel Arevalo. I received my name Corinniwe from him. I also did ceremonies with Kayujali Tsamani from Colombia. In 2008 I fascilitated my first ceremony in combination with a sweatlodge, as by then I came to understand the strenght of the combination of these 2 lineages I worked and learned from. I am doing this up on till now even broadening the healing work to body-work/dance and related works wich I am currently bringing together under Arts of Wholeness. I founded a land in Catalunia in 2010, Lo Barranc Sagrat= the Sacred Valley, to start the proces of Healing and Transformation trough a strong Earth Connection. This Land became a powerspot and ceremonial land. Here I received a 2nd calling of the Iboga, and 2 months later organised an Awakening Ceremony for WorldBridgers on our land and I was initiated there by the Iboga. I went to assist in a heroine detox ceremony and felt the strong connection with the Bwiti. Currently I am on my path to learn more with this Teacher plant...
    I was never a person to fix myself on one thing, and so i am also not fixed on 1 thing in my healingwork. I try to go beyond traditions, religions in order to reach to Cosmical Part in each and everyone. That part that is Whole, and Pure.

    All participants have to declare that they are willing and able to take full responcability of their parttaking in the cermony and more of their life and choises! I never serve anyone without knowing that the person is able and understands what he/she is stepping into! I fully trust that the medicine will bring that what is atmost importance in ones life. So if given permision and taken the choise to go for it, i do not see the need to counter the medicine or break the proces during ceremony! I am there for the people and the medicine in full trust.
    I do have credible references, but as they travel in a word to word world for now, you will have to find the ones that came to know.. I also found peace with knowing that not everyone has to like how it might unfold for them participating, for some people have strong expectations and they are never a good support for being in the here and now nor to be open to any given experience!

    Type of medicine: Ayahuasca
    Preparation: Cooking myself for 8 years now
    Medicine content: yellow mostly, sometimes red vine and chaliponga always. I never add other plant such as Mapacho or Datura and stay faithfull to the medicine as I know it.


    Maximum number of participants in a ceremony: 15
    Place of ceremony: In my Tipi located in the new Sacred Valley or outdoors. I also work on location troughout Europe, then it depends on the organiser.
    Do you use any props during the ceremony?: Instruments, Home made Aquaflorida and incense, Mapacho
    Do you welcome locals?: Yes
    Price range for locals: Local prices, donation


    Type of accomodation:
    • Shared
    • No accomodation

    Tipi and people can bring tents, guesthouse.. Food always organic/veggie


  • https://www.facebook.com/daniel.tuvaman/videos/10206171343711032/?l=6916279600527860325

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  • 1 Review on “Daniel CorinNiwe”

    1. Tim Daly Daniel CorinNiwe

      I participated in a number of ceremonies with Daniel over a few months in the spring of 2015. He was always a very committed facilitator, and I never doubted his integrity. He was very much ‘there’ for all the participants, but also left us the space to make our own journeys. He never imposed himself on the group. He has many years experience, which has allowed him to develop a style based upon solid precepts, and within which he is comfortable to work. I trust him.

      • Date visited (Please let others know when you visited here): March 2015
      • Was there someone to help you and watch over you during the session/ceremony?: Yes

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