• Sail Egadi


    scopri le vacanze in barca a vela con skipper alle isole egadi e favignana. Isole belle e Naturali. Vivi le tue vacanza last minute con sail egadi. Prenota Adesso. barca a vela eolie

  • Ayahuasca in Ecuador Ken Johnson


    Come to Macas Ecuador and experience Ayahuasca with a Shaman in the breathtakingly beautiful Ecuadorian Rainforest. Experience Ayahausca safely with an experienced guide and translator with ceremonies for individual or small groups. My name is Ken Johnson and I moved to Ecuador in 2012.  Being a Baby Boomer with only Social Read more [...]

  • Holistic Peru


    Holistic Peru - Healing Center We are a team of professionals linked to spiritual tourism and healing Center, rescuing the various ancestral customs and traditional Andean Culture. We also offer spiritual retreats and Ayahuasca (master plant) diet, giving an objective view of life and self-healing and the use of traditional Read more [...]

  • Taylor Marie

    Hello! My name is Taylor Marie. I am a traveler of the Universe -- physical and non. I share my journeys openly with the world on my YouTube channel. I also offer an ayahuasca retreat booking service for Don Francisco Montes Shuña at his jungle lodge, Sachamama Jardin in Iquitos, Read more [...]

  • Pulse Adventure Tours

    1) The Medicine. We offer super concentrated ayahuasca made with thick mature ayahuasca vines and chacruna harvested from the jungle near Pucallpa. Our medicine is brewed by our lead shaman and son in their Shipibo village of Limongema. Several people who’ve drunk at other popular centers claim that our medicine Read more [...]