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  • Holistic Peru - Healing Center

    We are a team of professionals linked to spiritual tourism and healing Center, rescuing the various ancestral customs and traditional Andean Culture.

    We also offer spiritual retreats and Ayahuasca (master plant) diet, giving an objective view of life and self-healing and the use of traditional Andean medicine.

    Holistic Peru is committed to each of its passengers in addition to providing quality services with years of experience in the tourist market

    Join us to live together the cultural diversity and grandeur that has Peru, and take forever unforgettable life experience.

    We are not talking of patients, but rather of participants who will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of the Andean and Amazonian Spiritual Medicine, especially that of the MOTHER PLANT AYAHUASCA, to start their personal healing path to harmony: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional harmony.

    The ayahuasca retreats are formulated for people looking for a serious and deep connection with the Spirit and the “PLANT MASTER”.

    You must have deep motivations for wanting to heal your body and discover the ways of self balance and spiritual and emotional growth. We ask participants to have will, patience and faith, because through these principles we will achieve a harmonious relationship with the Pacha Mama (Mother Nature).

    "Spirituality and the use of Ayahuasca are disciplined and strict methods for purification, healing and personal growth."

    "Ayahuasca is called the Doctor because is heals, The Master because it teaches and The Mother because it guides.

    It gives knowledge and Vision"

    To participate in our ayahuasca retreats, we require you to have:

    • Mental Maturity
    • Physical Maturity
    • Emotional Maturity

    We demand discipline as well as seriousness before and during the time devoted to the Spiritual Retreats, especially when it comes to meeting the dietary restrictions (food low in salt and sugar), fasting and hours of rest and contemplation.

    Objectives of the Spiritual Ayahuasca Retreats

    • Physical and spiritual harmony.
    • Alignment of the spiritual body.
    • Personal Development - self-discovery.

    Activities carried out in each Ayahuasca Retreats

    Use of Plant Master require the body to be purified beforehand, so the following will be held:

    • Ritual purification with purgative plants and tobacco - the plants will be ingested in the form of a potion and black tobacco powder will be blown into the nostrils of the participant.
    • Baths with purifying and aromatic plants.
    • Intake of different preparations and infusions of medicinal herbal plants.
    • There will be three Ayahuasca ceremonies. or "Ayahuasca is called The Doctor because it heals, Master because it teaches and Mother because it guides. It gives Knowledge and Vision.
    • Presentations on the subject of "spiritual growth."
    • Meeting and talk about shamanism holotropic


    What NOT to do 7 days before the Ayahuasca Retreats

    • Do not eat any meat, especially red meat and pork.
    • Reduce excess sugar, salt and pepper in your food.
    • Do not consume drugs or alcohol before and during the Retreats.
    • Do not drink coffee or soda.
    • Abstain sexually.

    We recommend you bring the following things:

    • 2 pairs of long trousers
    • 2 shorts
    • Long sleeve shirts
    • Short sleeve shirts
    • Flashlight with batteries
    • Sandals
    • Swimsuits
    • 1 waterproof rain coat
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Hat
    • Personal cleaning implements and towel


    • Pregnant or menstruating women and people with heart and psychiatric problems cannot perform the ceremony Ayahuasca.


    • 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies
    • Rituals
    • Talks
    • Purges
    • Therapies
    • Plant treatments
    • Transportation from Iquitos to the lodge / From Lodge to Iquitos).
    • Fasting
    • Accommodation in Iquitos Peru "Tahuayo Lodge Expeditions"
    • Vegetarian food
    • Food1: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
      Excursions if you want one as well.
    • Attention to any care
    • Integration of the Group
    • Custom Guide
    • Consultations


    • Fligth ticket. Lima - Iquitos - Lima
    • Taxes


    • Our Ayahuasca Retreats are held for 3 to 12 people
    • Our retreats have a minimum of 3 passengers and a maximum of 12 passengers per group
    • To perform the ceremony for a single person, will increase 50% to the rate.
    • The ceremonies are performed from April to December


    We recommend making reservations well in advance.


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