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  • 1) The Medicine.
    We offer super concentrated ayahuasca made with thick mature ayahuasca vines and chacruna harvested from the jungle near Pucallpa. Our medicine is brewed by our lead shaman and son in their Shipibo village of Limongema. Several people who’ve drunk at other popular centers claim that our medicine is the strongest they’ve tried. Nobody leaves our center without connecting to the medicine.
    2) The Shamans.
    Our lead Shipibo shaman, Wiler, has powerful icaros that reverberate deep within your being. He rocks the house. And his supporting Shipiba shaman, Angela, has beautifully soft and multilayered icaros that both complement Wiler’s icaros and stand on their own. Combined, it’s a sonic freight train that hits the spot nine times out of ten.
    3) The Location.
    Most centers are easily accessible by roads, people and, therefore, deforestation. They may claim to be in the jungle but in reality it’s more like dense shrubbery. We’re truly located in a primary jungle paradise that’s been preserved because of its highly attractive concentration of flora and fauna. It takes nearly five hours from Iquitos to arrive at our waterfront property on the expansive Ucayali River, which makes the journey and the experience more adventurous.
    With a 2.2 million hectare nature reserve just across the river from us, you have access to exotic jungle experiences in just a few minutes by boat.
    4) The Adventure.
    Most centers are competing to be the most “authentic,” “spiritual” or “traditional,” but in reality what you find is a long stretch of time sitting around being very serious and potentially very bored. We believe that it’s okay to include fun and adventurous activities within your healing process. As such, we offer daily jungle excursions in and around the nature reserve hosted by your professional, local, bilingual jungle guides. You can expect to see exotic creatures like sloths, freshwater dolphins, alligators, monkeys, snakes, birds, anteaters, tarantulas, lizards, piranhas and frogs. You’ll also get to see massive trees and learn about all the cool medicinal plants from the Amazon.
    Oh yeah, and you can swim with the dolphins if you want.
    Is it wrong to have fun during your healing process? We don’t think so. Even though we’re very serious about the healing process and the work we do, we still believe that your intercultural experience should be fun and enjoyable.
    You should be prepared for a challenging shamanic workshop, but also be ready to let loose, meet new people, explore foreign territory and just have some good ol’ fun.
    5) The Diet.
    Some centers try to save money by giving you a tasteless diet of white rice, plantains and boney fish. The traditionally super strict diet is not necessary unless you’re interested in dieting with more subtle plants in order to learn the trade. We don’t believe in starving you or making you eat bland and tasteless food unless you desire it.
    Our diet consists of healthy whole foods with lots of delicious fruits, veggies, legumes, fruit juices, juicy fish, chicken and eggs. We use a small amount of salt and sugar to compensate for the sweating you do and the calories you burn during jungle walks, swimming and exercising in our Jungle Gym. And we stack the diet with superfood smoothies made from high omega and antioxidant rich fruits from the jungle like acai, copuazu, raw coconut milk and more. The result is a nourishing and healthy diet that keeps your tastebuds happy and your energy levels high.
    6) The Jungle Gym.
    Yes. You read it correctly. We have an 88 square meter fitness facility on site so you can stay strong and fit during your stay with us. No other center can say this. We’ve imported top of the line gear such as battle ropes, suspension straps, kettle bells, and steel maces from the hot new total human optimization company, Onnit. We’ve also got yoga mats, a heavy bag, boxing gloves, Thai pads, focus mitts, jump ropes and stationary spinning bikes.
    We don’t believe in sending you home frail and weak after days or weeks of malnourishment and inactivity. We believe in creating warriors of light; people who return home stronger, healthier, more balanced, more centered and clearer than ever before so they can hit the ground running and make the greatest impact with the rest of their lives in this planet.
    7) The Center.
    Our newly built facility is a one of a kind model. We have rooms overlooking the Ucayali River, first floor and second floor patios which boast stunning river vistas during sunrise and sunset, dolphins breaching within meters of the patios, tiled showers with 6″ shower heads, spacious kitchen and cafeteria, a second floor wi-fi hammock lounge, 14 hammocks and 25 mattresses inside the maloca, a fitness facility, and a meditation room in the making.
    All our buildings are raised on stilts and connected by boardwalks for safety and because we’re located in the floodplain. Between the months of February and June, the rivers rise and flood our property. This gives it the appearance that all our buildings are floating and makes for a very cool psychedelic experience.
    8) The Safety.
    Our General Manager is a Registered Nurse who worked as a Combat Medic in the US Navy. He’s also got experience working in security and got his clinical qualifications working in a psychiatric ward. He has developed our first aid, emergency response security programs.
    In addition, we strive to have at two capable male facilitators and at least one capable female facilitator to ensure there are enough hands on deck to take care of any issues that occur during ceremony. We also have a zero tolerance policy toward sexual harassment and will immediately remove anyone who behaves inappropriately toward our female guests or staff.
    9) The Social Contributions.
    Our Ayahuasca Adventure Center is built upon land owned by the Peruvian village of Libertad. What this means, is that if we’re not living up to our end of the bargain with them, they would have every legal right to ask us to leave. As part of our agreement with the village (pop. 275), we make monthly financial contributions to their public works, donations for special events such as anniversaries and holidays, donate to the local kindergarten, employ a rotation of nearly all adults in the village, and create economic opportunities for the local ladies who make souvenirs out of jungle materials.
    On a grander scale, by developing eco-tourism in their village we’re helping to protect large areas of rainforest from deforestation and poaching. A tree is worth far more seen by many tourists over the course of years than it is a pile of logs at the lumber mill, as monkeys are than one meal on the dinner table.
    10) The Incredible Value.
    Shopping for a life changing ayahuasca experience based on price is like eating at McDonald’s. You get what you pay for. If you decide on a budget option, then you will get budget services. With the extra staff, logistics and staggeringly high investment it’s required to provide you with daily jungle adventures, kambo medicine, excellent food and a rocking fitness facility, we have to charge a bit more than the bargain basement options. But, you’re not just getting an ayahuasca retreat experience. You’re getting a super-powerful ayahuasca retreat experience PLUS a week-long jungle adventure, a gym membership, and the best nutrition available in the Amazon. It’s the full package.
    If you wish to inquire further please email transform@pulsetours.com or have a look at our website www.pulsetours.com for dates and prices.
    Thank you,
    The Team.

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